by Ramona Cook

Some word combinations simply do not compute to provide a true picture of information to our minds, causing a double take to our thinking. Recently while driving in a neighboring county I saw such a combination of words.

It was early Sunday morning and I had the road to myself. That part of the county is rural and beautiful. As I crossed a short bridge the name of the creek over which I was driving was "Dry Creek." I did the mental double take.

Thoughts began swirling in my mind regarding how a creek could be called a creek if it was dry? Creeks have water in them; some a little water and some a lot of water, but water is a necessary component of a creek.

My assignment that morning, and the reason I was driving in that county and on that road, was to fill the pulpit for a suddenly sick Pastor of my denomination.

Interestingly, my sermon topic was "Mud Covered Fish." So the thoughts of water and mud had been in my mind, and also of Christians who do not swim in the water of the Word because the Word level is too low.

Some of us allow our Word level to decrease to the point that we have so little moisture in us and when it is mixed with the dirt of living we are just mud covered fish; dirtied by the soil of life and having not enough water, (Word) in us to wash us clean.

It didn't take long to calculate that when a creek is dry it is not really a creek, although it is called a creek. It has the potential of being a real creek but with no water, it is not living up to its name.

Shouldn't we be checking our water (Word) level? Are we a would be, or could be Christian?

Are we a dry cloud of which James speaks, looking like we are, but being unable to produce what we project of ourselves?

It is difficult to find the time to get the Word of God into our hearts and minds. It requires applied effort and commitment. However, we cannot be the Christian that is real and fruitful and joyful without seeing to the doing of it.

Ramona: 11/08/2013

Ramona,  Master in Ministry Arts, BA in Biblical Studies, I am an Ordained Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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