by Ramona Cook

Help me. What am I to do with these rebellious children?

Why, when I give so much of my existence to providing for their needs, and having pleasure also in providing to them things they could not otherwise have or enjoy, why do they display utter lack of concern to any instruction and wisdom that I have to offer them from my much longer road experience?

It is grievous to me that they will fall into troubles and suffer much for the wrong choices, which they do not now understand as wrong choices, but they refuse to hear my counsel.

Life is a concerted effort, a symphony of shared knowledge. Only a few years on the trail does not give a newer comer the experience to know how to watch for the deep trenches and the camouflaged traps.

I so desire with all my heart to spare them the troubles they will needlessly encounter, but they do not listen and they cut me off refusing to speak to me.

They refuse me the joy of watching them live a more successful life; they consign themselves to troubles, deep sorrows and multiplied grief.

Yet, I cannot help but to love them and watch intently for some openness toward me.

As a parent yourself, do you understand how I feel?


Matthew 23:37

Ramona,  Master in Ministry Arts, BA in Biblical Studies, I am an Ordained Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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