The Vitamins on the Window Sill
by Ramona Cook

Above the kitchen sink, just above the water faucet where water for drinking is dispensed, there sets a bottle of vitamins.

They were purchased for my two teenage grandsons, who are in their early teens and still developing bones and muscles and all the things that make men healthy and strong.

Seeds for tomorrows successes are planted today.

Since their diet is not really questionable to me, regarding whether they are getting the proper foods into their bodies, I bought those vitamins. The cost is about $17.00 per month for a 30 day supply for each one of them. They are advertised as specifically for "Teenage Males."

I explained to them that the vitamins would help to insure that their vitamin and mineral intake would be more in line with providing good health and immune capabilities.

Above the kitchen sink, just above the water faucet where water for drinking is dispensed, there sets a bottle of vitamins, untouched.

We could make many comments about how they are not listening, and arguments for the fact that they will in the future regret not having attended to their health with proper care, especially when it is right before their eyes, provided at no cost to them; theirs, simply for the taking. We would have a valid argument.

Once there was a preacher who make the comment that when we point our index finger at anyone about anything, that there is a thumb wagging back on us.

In what ways might I, or you, be doing similar actions, or lack thereof? (Keep on reading, we all need to evaluate ourselves.)

There are many things in my own life, and in the lives of many persons that I know, about which we show the same level of unconcern and lack of due diligence.

Upon two of them, only two, I wish to make comment.

First: the reading and hearing of the Word of God, which God says is our "Healing" in all of life's venues. Psalm 107: 20 It provides to us healing for our bodies, and the information about how to walk in health and safety and blessings from God.

God's Word, the Holy Bible, provides us wisdom about how to live a successful life and about how to cope, as a winner, with life's difficulties. It gives to us information about preparation for the life we will live once this earth experience is over, called "biological death" by the medical community. Hebrews 9: 27

The Bible says that our "faith" is increased by hearing the Word of God. Romans 10: 17

With these, and many more positive contributions made to our lives, why then do we allow the Bible to be untouched by us? It makes about as much sense as does my grandsons not taking the vitamins which they need.

Second: this point is much more serious, and yet certainly one that many people avoid dealing with, is the fact that death is certain and we will continue to live somewhere. The Bible says that there are two places to live after our earth experience is over; one place is Heaven and one place is Hell. Matthew 10: 28

Jesus one main purpose in coming to earth and dying on The Cross was to provide us a Path to go to Heaven. No longer do we need to sacrifice the blood of animals to atone for our sins.

Jesus became the Lamb of God Who shed His blood once for all for our sins, each one of us, and the salvation we must acquire to live in Heaven is right there for us, at no cost to us, it is ours simply for the taking. Matthew 11: 28, John 3: 16, John 3: 17, John 3: 18

Seeds for tomorrows successes are sown today. Galatians 6: 7 This applies to both the good and the bad activities. If we sow to life, we reap life; if we sow to death, we reap death.

Shall we conclude that the boys should take their vitamins, and that we should likewise be engaged in listening to God and doing as He directs us to do? Why? Because it will be good for our eternal life, as well as for our strength to live today, and our immunity to the attacks of evil against us for today and forever. Hebrews 9: 15

However, there remains the act of asking Jesus to come into your heart and life and the act of receiving Him, just as my grandsons must each one take the vitamin into their body, so we must invite Jesus into our hearts; and it is just that simple. Revelation 3: 20

Ramona: 12/14/2013

Ramona,  Master in Ministry Arts, BA in Biblical Studies, I am an Ordained Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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