Calling all Preachers, Teachers and Writers
by Ramona Cook

The time is come that we must begin to tell the truth with vigor, tenaciously speaking to those who cannot see the need to hear.

The End is Near.

Oh, you may say, "Relax, that has been being said since the early Church began it mission of the Great Commission."

I know, and the general approach today is to soft petal the message and hope that by osmosis and subliminal suggestion people will understand and respond to the LOVE of God; and a few of them may do so.

We have learned to love the "God is Love" message and why not? We all need God's Love.

However, every serious student of the Bible knows that message is only half of the truth told in the Bible. Every real Preacher and Teacher and student of the Scriptures knows there is a volume of messages within the Book that warn us of a Hell while it also tells us of a Heaven. God is into the whole truth, ALL OF IT.

The real bottom line question is, "Are you prepared to die?"

How is that we can also obliterate the fact of death from our daily thinking? People die every day; little babies die and old grandmas and grandpas, and teenagers, and all ages. No one knows when they will die, and when a person dies that is "their End time for this earth. If that thought is frightening then you might not be ready. It is worth being certain about.

Some will read no further thinking that this is just a scare tactic type of evangelism.

Really? Is it not perfectly obvious that "It is appointed unto man once to die," that is a statement from the Bible and it is followed with the completion of the sentence by, "AND after this the judgment." Now we know the first part is truth because we have solid evidence provable by observation. No one is living today that was here 150 years ago; they are all dead.

There is a judgment coming for each and every one of us after the time of our death, and we must consider whether the Bible is believable on that subject. Since prophecies of the Scriptures are so accurately fulfilled, even today before our very eyes, we can place full confidence in the fact of a judgment.

Too many people do not know about these things because coverage of these subjects are not provided as information on the sitcoms or the evening news.

The children and teens are not getting God's side of the religious and spiritual education on the net, but you can bet they are being pumped full of the Devil and demon side of the spirit world.

My family also, like most of yours, are in the dark about salvation and Hell, and if they die I have no clue if they will go to Heaven.

Some of them tell me, "Yeah, I am a believer but I just don't live it." How scary is that?

So I am calling out to God to go get them and I plan to preach to them.

I dislike the thought of being, and the accusations saying that I am, just a preachy old lady, but if it opens their eyes and gives them concern to learn, won't it be worth it?

Jesus tells us to go into the highways and by-ways and drag them in; we are told to pull them, as it were out of the fire, while we despise the touching of their filthy clothes.

Eternity is a long time. If in Heaven, because we have come to Jesus to save us, then a long time is beautiful. However, if in Hell a split second is too long and, Hell will also be forever.

Initially I came to Jesus because I wanted to escape the fires of Hell; that was my reason, and He received me because it was His real purpose in dying for me. It's okay to come to Jesus to escape Hell. Loving Him comes later.

I do think the End is Near for many, and it will be mass death and destruction. The world we live in is not the one we thought we lived in 40, 50, 60 years ago. We sit on a time bomb and the fuse is lit, who wants to bet that the fuse has a really long wick?

I do think the real and final End is very near. So I challenge all real preachers and teachers and writers to listen to the Holy Spirit, and instead of being concerned about offending the people, let us all think about not offending Him.

This will be difficult for all us, but why do I know the results will be positive? Because the Lord accompanies obedience.

Ramona: 01/26/2014

Ramona,  Master in Ministry Arts, BA in Biblical Studies, I am an Ordained Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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