by hannah IDOWU

To trust in God sometimes can be hard especially when we are in a situation where we need an instant miracle but the truth of the matter is that God is not man, the way we operate is definitely not the way God operates.

What then is trust? To trust means to put confidence, reliance, faith and hope on something or someone. I remember the story of a man who was on a high building that was on fire. The man climbed to the balcony and held on to a railing screaming "help, help, help", nobody answered, he repeated it again "if someone is out there, please help me" then a voice said "let go", he thought he was dreaming and said "God if it's you quit joking" funny as this may sound, many of us are at a high place in our lives where it seems the problems is going to swallow us up just like Jonah, the whale swallowed Jonah but he didn't give up while most of us would have given in to defeat, given in to doubt and closed the door for God to intervene through our lack of unbelief and trust in His mighty power to deliver.

Before I go in-depth into this topic, what is that situation in your life that you have written off? Or what is that thing you have classified as impossible in your life? As we go through this topic, I pray a new light will shine on you that will set you free and release you from all prisons of life; I pray that as the whale spat Jonah out, you will come out victorious from those challenges in Jesus mighty name.

Paul in said "I did this so that you might trust in the power of God rather than human wisdom". Human wisdom is limited to the things on the surface, to things it can physically see. It is human wisdom that will define and declare impossibility out of any situation, it is human wisdom that will pronounce it is finished and no hope to a challenge but Gods' wisdom will say "ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD" (Mark 10:27), I can do all things through Christ (Philippians 4:13), God is able to do exceeding and abundantly, above all I can ever imagine or dare to think (Ephesians 3:20).

Trusting in God is walking by faith and not by sight that is not being limited by the physical or material facts that it was absolutely impossible. For instance, it was by complete trust/ faith in God that Moses in Exodus 14 was able to obey God's instructions by stretching forth his rod as commanded by God at the red sea and also instruct the children of Israelites to move on and the rest is now history.

Take a look with me into the life of the three (3) Hebrew boys in the book of Daniels chapter 3, these boys were threatened with the fiery furnace if they refuse to bow and worship a statue. Have you come across a furnace or a fiery one for that matter before? It was recorded that three young men were thrown into a fiery furnace, that is, whatever kind of furnace they were thrown in was a very big one as when God came to rescue them, it was recorded that their accusers saw four men in the furnace. I am just speechless at the bravery of these young men, what would I have done if I was confronted with these? what would you have done?

To be continued.......

I enjoy reading motivational books and the bible hence as i am inspired i find myself either composing a song or poetry. I call them my moments of intimacy with the Most High God. 
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