Reading the Bible First
by Bobby Bruno

I love to read commentaries cover to cover so I can learn as much about what scripture is really saying. But I will tell you that I do not always remember everything I read from others. Is my reading in vain? I don't believe so. But, when the Lord Himself shows me what a verse of scripture really means there is an excitement about learning the truth From Him that cannot be matched by understanding something on my own. Reading is fine, but revelation is better! As I write my articles (which for me are little bible studies of their own) and I am stuck on a passage that I know what it says, but not what it really means, I ask the Holy Spirit for clarity and understanding. I may not get the answer right away, but more times than not, when I come back to continue writing the article, it's like a light is suddenly turned on in my mind and heart, and I know what the scripture means and the writing flows until I run out of what to say for the moment. I have seen the Spirit guide me as I write, and as He opens up the door and reveals to me His message, I am filled with joy knowing that my God does indeed want me to know everything about Him, and everything through Him. Learning from others is great, but when you have the Savior to teach you His truth, no one else compares. Books have no joy in themselves; but Jesus does, and He imparts that joy to us when we finally get it right. At those times I can see Jesus standing over me with a great, big smile on His face saying, "See, I told you you would get it."

Can any of us really imagine the weight of Jesus' words when He said that many people have died wanting to see what we see today. We have the bible, they didn't. We get to read God's Word any time we want, and we get to study it until we have gleaned all we can from it. Do any of us realize the magnitude of being able to study the Word and then tell it to others? Do we realize the responsibility we have as believers to correctly interpret the Word of God? Sometimes I quake in my shoes when I read that we, as teachers of the Word, will be held more accountable than anyone else in the world. Anyone else!!! But that's okay by me. I want people to know God as I know Him. But that can only happen if I know God intimately, and that can only happen by reading His word and understanding it better than anyone else on the planet. It is a lofty goal, but it is very achievable thanks to the Holy Spirit who guides our hearts and minds, if we let Him.

Question: "I also love to read the different versions of the Bible when reading God's word. I have a few different versions of the Bible, I love to read a verse then go to another version of the Bible. I also use to read other versions of the Bible. I have found that I understand God's word more also when reading the different versions."

Author Response: I have and use two Bible programs so I can look at other versions on the same screen as the NIV. I use QuickVerse 6 and the Joyce Meyer Everyday Living Bible Study Program. I like these both because they contain all I need to study the Bible. Both have many commentaries, dictionaries, handbooks, word studies, Strongs, and so, so much more. I mainly use the QuickVerse because it contains many bible translations that are common. I like to use the Joyce Meyer because it utilizes the Amplified bible, which I like to use to see what the Hebrew and Greek translations are found throughout the Amplified. This program also has many, many study helps and both have been great aides in helping me understand what the bible is saying. Quickverse cost about $300 and the J. Meyer cost about $50. They are both definitely worth the money.

Author Comment: Can someone please tell me the fascination people have with the King James Version when we have so many other modern translations from the Greek and Hebrew available to us today? First, the KJV is written in the "King's English", a language Americans have never spoken. You have to figure out what some of the words mean in our language before you can interpret what the rest of the scripture is saying. Second, the KJV is over 400 years old, even the English don't speak this language anymore let alone read it. The New International Version, The Revised Version, The American Standard, and even the Amplified are all translated from the Greek and Hebrew in a language that we in this century can easily understand, and they are not paraphrased. I don't understand why some would make it harder on themselves to understand God's Word. To me even the NKJV is not much better. God has allowed others to translate the Bible into a language that can be understood in our time. Why use a translation that was for another time and another culture? But, this is just my opinion. Comments anyone?

Question: "When one first becomes born again, sometimes in our enthusiasm we find ourselves, buying any book written in regards to all things God. As was in my case. "

Author Response: When I was first saved, I read any "Christian" book that I could get my hands on. I was so new that I couldn't have told you if what I was reading was right or not. As I grew in my walk with Jesus, I went back and reread some of those early books and found that they were so off the mark it was crazy. These days I'm more careful about who and what I read when it comes to the Bible or Christianity.

Bobby Bruno was saved 15 years ago in a way that left him no doubt that Jesus wanted him to reach others with His great and abounding love.  He started writing at the age of 12 and hasn't stopped since. He achieved Associates Degree in Biblical Studies from Ohio Christian University in early 2014.

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