by Bobby Bruno

To repent means to turn away from your sin completely. If there is a sin in your life you keep on committing, you are to stop doing it, turn away from it, and never do it again. But, thank God that He is a God of second chances, because no matter how hard we try to completely repent of any certain sin, we sometimes fail and fall back into that sin again.

I believe that the hardest sins to completely repent from are the sins of lust and pride. Sins of the flesh are deadly in the fact that once the body has been "fed", it is hard to starve it, especially if you have been feeding it for a very long time. Pride keeps us from seeing outside of ourselves, so we begin to treat those around us as irritations in our lives; simply because we believe that we are better than they are. Too many people run around this earth patting themselves on the back for accomplishments they may not have even been a part of, or have achieved greatness based on information and ideas that someone else may have thought of first. For example, plagiarism is at an all-time high in colleges, which is why one of the first warnings a student gets is to be aware that they don't copy someone else's words without the proper citations.

Bad habits such as rudeness and anger are sins that most don't think they have to repent from because everyone else does it. Of course there is the homosexual lifestyle. It is so ingrained in our culture that many believe that God allows this lifestyle because they are who they are and they can't change that fact, even though God calls their lifestyle an abomination. Many homosexuals have repented of this sin and have found new lives in Christ away from that old lifestyle. If our country does not repent of this sin (and our current president isn't helping matters any) we may go the way of Sodom and Gomorrah.

John the Baptist told the truth when he said that those who don't repent of their sins will find judgment and will be burned up when Jesus separates the wheat from the chaff (Mt 3:12). John was very forth-right when he spoke those words, leaving no room for compromise, begging, or bargaining. The only way to repent of our sins is through Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit He places in us when we give Him our lives. When we become who He is, we find it easier to repent, because it is through the power of the Holy Spirit that we find the strength and ability to change. Today, the kingdom of heaven is here, now, in the lives of those who truly are Christians; those who have the living Christ residing in them. John the Baptist was blessed to be the first to see it when it arrived.

Comment: "For instance, some Christians watch whatever they choose to on television, and in so doing they disregard the rating which advises them of nudity, foul language, and violence."

Author Response: I agree with you. My wife and I refuse to watch any R rated film because of those things you stated above. We also are very skeptical about a lot of PG-13 rated films also. We will watch those until the foul language and/or nudity starts. Just because it is PG-13 doesn't mean that it is wholesome and good for kids. I saw a commercial for a PG movie that I wouldn't even watch based on the scenes the commercial showed. It's very frustrating these days to watch TV. Even Lifetime can get too trashy. As Christians, we don't have very many places to go to see wholesome stuff. I'll be very honest and say that some Christian shows and movies can get boring. I don't know if you are a Tyler Perry fan or not, but I can't understand how he could write and produce a comedy that features a very dysfunctional family no different than the ones that non-Christians write and produce. Even his fictional family backstabs each other, talks back to each other, and sometimes kicks members of the family outside of the house. The world needs to see us repent first before they can begin to. If we don't, then why should they?

Comment: "What would hinder one today is the fact one wishes not to die from their present way...."

Author Response: This is probably one of the biggest problems we face as Christians, As hard as we try not to be a part of the world, there is always something about it that we keep our hands on; a favorite TV show, a person, or some other person, thing or relationship. It is hard to break away from the world completely when there is so much to tempt us. The fallen world itself doesn't want us to stay away from evil because that would prove Jesus wrong and evil would win just as Satan wants it to. This is why we have to surrender all to Jesus. We need to let His pull on our souls remain stronger than the pull of the world on our hearts.

Bobby Bruno was saved 15 years ago in a way that left him no doubt that Jesus wanted him to reach others with His great and abounding love.  He started writing at the age of 12 and hasn't stopped since. He achieved Associates Degree in Biblical Studies from Ohio Christian University in early 2014.

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