Study Insights of Philip and the Woman of Samaria
by Bobby Bruno


I love how Philip simply said to his brother, "I have found the Lord", and his brother responded. In those days, the Israelites were looking for the Messiah, today most are not. To walk up to most unbelievers today and simply say "I have found Jesus" would get you a look that said you were either crazy or in need of mental help. Philips response to Jesus was immediate and long-lasting. Yes, his brother responded, but Philip let Jesus do the rest in Nathanael's heart by telling him to come and see the Messiah for himself.

Also, Philip kept himself available to the Holy Spirit and quickly responded when he was told to go and talk to the eunuch travelling in a chariot many miles away (Acts 8:26-39). When Philip found that the eunuch was studying the Scriptures, he was amazed that God had already done the work in this eunuch's heart. All Philip had to do was explain to the eunuch what it was he was reading and what it meant for his life. May we all be as excited and available as Philip had been after the eunuch accepted Jesus, because on his way back from the encounter with the eunuch, Philip preached the gospel to all the towns he walked back through gaining many souls for Christ through his words (Acts 8:40).

The Woman of Samaria

How wonderful it is to be seeking something good then to receive something even better. The woman at the well was ready to receive. Who knows who had spoken to her about the Messiah before she met Jesus at the well that day? As Jesus said, who would give their child a snake when he asked for a bit of bread to eat? The woman may have been living a life of impropriety, but her heart was seeking something five husbands and one lover couldn't seem to give her. I like how, deep inside, she wanted to feel alive again. We don't know why she had so many husbands, but we do get the sense that she wasn't satisfied with her life. Jesus' simple, loving words to her pierced her heart and got to the part of it that wanted a better life. Jesus spoke the truth and she responded to it by agreeing with him about all of it. Like her, everyone we meet wants to feel alive and to feel that they matter. Like the woman at the well, once I was saved, my zeal for the Lord and the new-found joy I felt was enough to get me motivated to help others come to know Him. All she wanted was water for her body. Instead, she received water for her soul, and all it took was the presence and living water of the Savior to change her life.

Comment: "we do not have to argue with unbelievers about Jesus. I often tell people to try Him for themselves and they can see that He is good. No one can fully explain how good God is unless the person that has questions personally witnesses His goodness."

Author Response: I believe that this is a good thing to say to doubters. How many times have we told our friends to try a new food for themselves after they have said that they would never eat that kind of food (like oysters, for instance), and once they've eaten it just can't get enough of it? I feel the way you do, people need to try Jesus just once to see that He will change their lives. As believers, we know that once we accepted Jesus into our lives, they have never been the same. When you say this to an unbeliever, do you get a smirk on your face because you know that there is no just trying Jesus? That, once the seeker gets a taste, he will be all the way in forever? Remember the commercial that said "Try it, you'll like it"? Once people try Jesus, there ain't no going back. Hallelujah!!!

Bobby Bruno was saved 15 years ago in a way that left him no doubt that Jesus wanted him to reach others with His great and abounding love.  He started writing at the age of 12 and hasn't stopped since. He achieved Associates Degree in Biblical Studies from Ohio Christian University in early 2014.

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