Vital Questions About Witnessing
by Bobby Bruno

The importance of these statements cannot be overstated enough.

How many sins has Christ paid for? It is important for a new believer to know that Jesus' death on the cross paid the price for all of their sins, no matter how vile or evil they were. Some believers have to be convinced that Jesus paid for all of their sins, even the ones they may still believe that were so evil that even Jesus couldn't forgive them for it.

How many of your sins does Christ remember? Just like the last question, once a new believer understands that all of their sins are remembered no more by Jesus, then the true freedom of salvation becomes a reality, and the new life can now begin in that freedom of knowing that Jesus loves you so much, you can be free to be who you were really created to be. Forgiveness of, and forgetting of, our trespasses bring us all the freedom we need to be true followers of Christ without reservation. Knowing this brings great peace and joy.

Read the Gospel of John. This Gospel contains one of the greatest evangelistic Scripture verses in the entire Bible John 3:16-18. These verses sum up all of what a seeker needs to know about the love of God and how He sees His human creation. It's important for every human being to know that God loves them and why. It's important for all people to know that God does not condemn them for their sins if they acknowledge and agree with Him that Jesus is His Son and the reason why Jesus was sent to earth. Most people believe that God is going to wipe out everyone who ever lived because He is angry with us for what we've done. The Gospel of John tells us that Jesus came to die so that we may be forgiven and live in eternity with Him in Heaven. Even the most evil of us can be forgiven by Jesus if we put our trust in the work He has done on the cross on our behalf. This is the most important message of all.

Comment: "The third question is: Where does Christ live; the reason for this is I always had a hard time understanding this and understanding the Trinity and how it works."

Author Response: This is one of the hardest things for a new believer (and some older believers, as well) to understand. One of the statements we usually get at this point is "How do I know that Christ is in me, and what does that mean anyway?" I have found in my life with Jesus that "trust" is a big thing to Him. He wants us to trust Him with every part of our lives. Some new believers have still yet to learn that they can trust Jesus at His word, especially those who have trust issues from the past. Once they learn that they can trust Jesus with their very lives, new believers will "see" Him in them everywhere they go as they walk along each day watching Him guide their lives. So, when He says that He is in us, He is saying His Holy Spirit will guide us and lead us to become all that He has created us to be. "Christ in us" also means that the Father no longer sees our sin, because now, when He looks at us, all He sees is Jesus. As Paul said, It is I who no longer lives, but is Christ who lives in me."

Comment: "We no longer can pick and choose who is deserving to hear this gospel message, for everyone deserves it."

Author Response: Yet how many of us as believers look at someone we don't really know and tell ourselves that "they'd never believe in Jesus." Do any of us really know why we think that about certain people? It is the way the look, or the way they speak. Do we think this if we come upon someone who curses like a sailor with every other word out of their mouth is a four-letter word? Myself included, we need to look within ourselves to see why we refuse to evangelize to someone. Is it pride, fear, or even hatred for another person or race? The questions are many and we need to deal with them if we are to expect Jesus to send us out to evangelize to the world around us. We have to let Jesus break our hearts completely so that His love flows from our hearts to replace the things that keep us from totally loving others as He does.

Bobby Bruno was saved 15 years ago in a way that left him no doubt that Jesus wanted him to reach others with His great and abounding love.  He started writing at the age of 12 and hasn't stopped since. He achieved Associates Degree in Biblical Studies from Ohio Christian University in early 2014.

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