The Pivotal Chapter of the Bible Genesis Three
by Bobby Bruno

Take Genesis chapter three out of the Bible and you would believe that humanity has always been this way and that's the way it is. Without Genesis three we would all believe that we will die without any purpose, without any hope. It is there that we see why we have to toil the ground for our food, and why women have great pain in childbirth. Without Genesis chapter three the Bible would make no sense why send a Savior if there were nothing for us to be saved from, if sin was a normal way of life? Jesus would have been thought of as a complete crackpot for talking about a God who forgives sin. "Sin what's sin?" we would all say. "This is the way we have always lived." Also, without Genesis chapter three we never would have seen that God loved us even from the beginning before we sinned, and just how much more He loves us after we sin.

Genesis chapter three lets me know that my sin had a beginning. And as terrible as that moment was, God continues to tell me throughout His word that he had planned to send His Son even long before that moment occurred. It is in the New Testament where that plan was brought to fruition, and my life was spared from death because the Son of God did not spare His for me. I am thankful for this chapter because it helps me see that even though I am a sinner from birth, I don't have to be that way until I die. Without knowing where the human race went wrong there is no way to believe that we could ever hope to correct our seemingly hopeless situation being as evil as we are. Genesis chapter three is the beginning of humanity's fall; it is in Acts chapter one where we, along with Jesus, ascend into Heaven to be with our Father once again in the new garden of Eden, the New Jerusalem. Take away Genesis chapter three and you take away the true meaning of what it is to be human.

Comment: "Once sin entered the world, God, being merciful, created a means of salvation."

Author Response: I have always been under the impression that God already had a plan for salvation even before He created man because He knew that man would eventually sin and be in need of a savior. We know that God is not surprised by anything we do and knows what we are going to do every day of our lives. Sin was no surprise to Him. Satan had already fallen before man came along and God knew how vile and evil Satan was and knew that he would tempt His creation the first chance he got. I love that God forgives easily because He knows me, and knows my ways. He was ready to forgive Adam and Eve ages before they needed it. We still have to go through the consequences of our actions. God hates to see us go through them, but He knows that it is the only way we will learn to obey and trust. Salvation has always been forever!

Comment: "Throughout history and even today man continues to value things over God, their wills over God's will, and they still look for greener grass, or easier paths to travel."

Author Response: Isn't it amazing that man today still acts the way Adam and Eve did before and after they sinned? Man has not changed one iota since the beginning. Man can pat himself on the back for all the great accomplishments he has made believing that God had nothing to do with any of it. Have you ever noticed that, when you look back at your life before Christ came into it you have a hard time seeing your sin as it really was, because you now see it through the eyes of God? When I look back, I can now see that the greener pastures I wanted to have then are nothing compared to the greener pastures God has placed in front of my life. Before I searched for love in any way I could get it (for me it was pornography, reading, and astronomy). But, now, I know that God is all I need for love and life.

Bobby Bruno was saved 15 years ago in a way that left him no doubt that Jesus wanted him to reach others with His great and abounding love.  He started writing at the age of 12 and hasn't stopped since. He achieved Associates Degree in Biblical Studies from Ohio Christian University in early 2014.

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