The Best and Worst Major Events in the History of Mankind
by Bobby Bruno

The fall of man, and his ejection from the Garden of Eden, was perhaps the worst and best things that has ever happened to mankind. It was the worst because we lost our perfect place with God. In the Garden, we had perfect peace and fellowship with the God who created us. Adam and Eve's sin brought about an undesired change in the human race for both God and us. Where we once had a perfect relationship with God, we now have to struggle to find peace in a non-peaceful world wracked with evil because of that first sin. It was the first time that man decided to take matters into his own hands and deny the God they had so wonderfully experienced in all His glory. Man traded God for a chance to exercise his own free will over God's free provisions and love, over nothing more that the right to decided for ourselves what was good and right.

When sin entered the world, it brought along with it a need that is sometimes hidden from us because of the evil that now prevails in our hearts. That need is a need to be loved by God. Cain murdered his brother Abel because God accepted Abel's sacrifice and not his own. This would not be the first or last time that siblings fought over who was loved by Mommy and Daddy the most. Many wars have been started over the rights of a lover to have the love they so desire but couldn't have, even if that love was wrong and sinful. Though this is not the first time lying had been done by a man, it was a lie of deep proportions which had much anguish for Cain throughout his life, since God cursed him and the ground he would always walk on. It was also the first time man had killed a man, thereby beginning the staining of the earth in the blood of many who have died physically(or in any other way) by the hand of an angry lover, parent, sibling, stranger, or soldier. Man's conscience has become so seared to murder that we daily continue to kill the life of man before it even leaves the womb.

From the first sin of mankind in the Garden, man has exercised his right to do anything he wished without being told he couldn't. Up until the flood, man had turned his back so far from God that evil was all that prevailed on the earth. The hearts of men were filled with nothing but evil which sadden the God who created him. God abhors evil so much that He had to take drastic measures to do away with it. God was so saddened by the actions of His creation that He felt that He had no other option but to start over.

Finding that Noah was a faithful man who didn't give in to all of the hype that evil touts about its pleasures, God chose him and his family to start the human race over again. God had Noah build an ark for him and his family, and all the animals of the earth by twos, so that he could flood the planet and wipe out all of the evil humans that resided on it. After forty days and nights of rain from the sky and great waters from the sea, the sun shined down on man once again. Noah and his family left the ark and began to slowly rebuild mankind while God quickly rebuilt the earth.

Once again, man was up to no good. It wasn't good enough that God gave the human race a new start, which is a great thing in and of itself but, man being man, felt that he had a right to be a God himself (isn't this how the whole sin thing started in the first place?). Man's ego would not let God get all the glory for what man has done. Did God build their villages; did God grow their food; did God treat them a special as they felt they should be treated? No, man wanted his name up in lights. But, since they didn't have neon in those days, they did the next thing better they built a tower. But not just any tower. This was a tower that would show God just how marvelous man was and that he could do great things too (something they didn't know that God already knew). So, to express their displeasure at God for not giving them their due, they built a tower that would reach to heaven. If God wouldn't come down to them, then they would go up to God. What made this possible was that man spoke one language at that time, so together they could accomplish this great feat. To keep them from building their idol tower, God gave them all a different language that only those with that language could understand. Now man had no way to communicate until they learned each other's way of speaking.

What do all of these major events in the beginning history of man tell us about God? First it tells us that our God is a very patient God. Instead of getting rid of us because of our sin He waits until we come to Him for forgiveness and a reestablishment of our relationship with Him. And even when we don't, He still loves us immensely. Sin brings death, but God has chosen not to give us death as we deserve. In these events, God gave the human race every chance to come back to Him and when they did, He was glorified and they were blessed.

As I have stated in the opening, these events were the worst and best things that has ever happened to mankind. I have given you the worst, now what is the best? The best is Jesus Christ. While all of these events were going on, Jesus Christ was waiting upon God to tell Him when it would be time for Him to go to the earth and proclaim the Kingdom of Heaven and the great love that God has for all people. God came to earth as a human to show us Himself, His glory, His great, immense love, His Heaven, and our future. God never does anything outside of His love. Everything He does is because He is love and loves all of His creation. The major events of our lives are simply a way for God to show us His great love for us.

Bobby Bruno was saved 15 years ago in a way that left him no doubt that Jesus wanted him to reach others with His great and abounding love.  He started writing at the age of 12 and hasn't stopped since. He achieved Associates Degree in Biblical Studies from Ohio Christian University in early 2014.

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