An Analysis of the Poetic Books of the Bible
by Bobby Bruno


Job is considered to be the earliest written books of the Bible. The author is unknown to us at this time. The book of Job tells us about a pious, God-fearing man named Job who is attacked by Satan, after Satan is given permission by God to do whatever he wanted with Job except for the taking Job's life. Because of this, Job suffers greatly in all areas of his life both personally and professionally. Job was a rich man who lost everything, including his good health, all of his children, his livestock, and all of his belongings. Below is what I have gleaned from these writings.

(1-7) Satan can only do to believers what God permits him to do. In our frustrations we may cry out to God without fear and tell him how we feel about the situation we have been placed in. The first thought those around may think is that we have brought this pain and suffering on ourselves and we ourselves are to be blamed for it happening. Instead of commiserating with us they will tell us of all their troubles and give solutions that may or may not be helpful. And when our friends tell us to turn to God for help, which we have probably have done already, we are probably not aware that God is allowing this pain for a reason, so questioning Him may bring no answers. Our friends may think that they are helping when all they are really doing is adding to the pain and frustration of not knowing why this particular situation is happening.

(14:1-17) God doesn't care about me. When I die I am gone. At least a tree that is cut down grows again. Please, God, take me back and forgive me of the sin I have done that makes you do this to me. Still, you give me no hope because You do not answer.

(19:23-27) But no matter what happens to me I will see God at the end, for He is my redeemer. My death means life to God for I will see Him when I die.

(40:1-24) We don't need to know how or why God does something. We are to just know that He has a reason, and the reason may sometimes only be His to know. We do not have to know the reason; we are to be obedient anyway. God is in charge and we are not, and don't need to be when we know that God will take care of us. God made everything and takes care of everything His hands have made. He does not need our help. (41:11) For God owns everything, which means He can do anything He wants with what He owns, without our okay or our opinion.

(42:1-17) You are God and I am not. Everything You own is too great for me to understand. I don't know everything, but You do, and I will humble myself unto Your Authority. Thank you, Lord, for showing me this, and for restoring my life to me.


The book of Psalms is a book filled with human emotions, cries for mercy, praise and worship to God, and so much more. In each psalm, Christians can find whatever wisdom they need to get through a difficult time, or even a successful time. In the psalms we find that we can cry out to God in whatever way we need to, know that He hears us, and, if He feels the need to, He will answer us in due time. Below is what I have gleaned from these particular psalms.

Ps 1) Those who know the Lord will have their feet firmly planted in Him, unlike the wicked who fall at the first sign of wind. Their destruction is sure.

Ps 6) The Lord hears those who cry out to Him in pain, and dries their tears, as He protects them from their enemies.

Ps 8) Lord, how is it that, with all the wonderful and beautiful things with have made in the universe that are so much bigger than me, that You even give little me one thought in Your mind? The heavens You have made are huge and majestic, and I am just a man to be pitied and forgotten. Yet, You have made us in glory and have placed us over the animals, yet lower than the angels. Your crown of glory sits upon me and I am Yours.

Ps 13) We cry out to God, but He doesn't answer. But that doesn't mean that He doesn't see our need of His wisdom. But, even if He doesn't answer, we must always remember His never-ending love for us and rejoice in praise to Him in song.

Ps 15) Only those who walk in the purity of the Lord will never be shaken from their hold on Him. The life of a pure man will always find success when he is obedient to the Lord.

Ps 19) Even if the Lord never answers us, we know that He is there by seeing the things He has made. All the earth proclaims His glory and existence. His laws are perfect and serve as a warning to us of how He wants us to live in Him. When we don't follow His perfect law, we have to remember that we are only perfect in Him. Only He can keep us blameless in His eyes.

Ps 22) Just because God has heard and answered the prayers of others around me doesn't mean that He hasn't heard my prayers even though they go unanswered. Only God knows the reason for this even if we do not. God does hear our cries to Him, and whether He answers us or not, we should always strive to proclaim His glory and righteousness knowing that the answer will come when it is necessary and not before.

Ps 26) We should allow God to test us to see if there is anything in us which He doesn't want there. If we are to lead a blameless life, God must be the one to completely lead us in it.

Ps 30) God's protection will always lift us out of the hands of our enemies, whether that enemy is ourselves, our sin, our other people around us who want to do us some sort of harm. Even if God becomes angry with us for whatever reason, we can be assured that His anger will only last a moment because He knows that we are His. God will always bring us back from our sufferings and restore us to the kind of joy that will result in praise and worship to Him.

Ps 63) If we want to live a life of righteousness we need to think of God every day. We must keep Him and His word in our thoughts continually. No matter where we are or what we are doing, God must always be foremost in our minds so that everything we do is from a godly perspective. Only then will our enemies, both spiritual and physical, be defeated throughout the rest of our lives. God must come first.

Ps 89) God is the Lord of creation and loves what He has made. His glory shines out of everything His hand has touched. God is love and those who have God are blessed and we are glorified and strengthened because of Him. In our time of trouble, God is our shield who is ready to protect us from the wicked. The firstborn of God will be the Exalted King whose covenant with God will never fail and will never end. God's covenants with man are permanent, but we should never put them to the test, for He may take away His blessings at any time when we do not follow His decrees by our disobedience. Even in our disobedience we must praise God for who He is, and not blame Him for what we have done.

Ps 116) When we are troubled God will hear us when we cry out to Him. He will help our souls to rest in Him and not in the trouble that surrounds us. When we are afflicted we must give the Lord a chance to heal us no matter how long it takes Him to do so. He will answer and we will praise Him for His work in our lives and will continue to follow Him wherever He may lead us.

Ps 148) We should always praise God! God's laws and decrees are good, unchanging,
and never-ending. We should praise the Lord for all of His creation and everything in it. God is worthy of our praise and our lives should reflect the mercy and love of God.


The book of Proverbs contains instruction, called wisdom, for the way we are to live our lives pleasing to God. The proverbial sayings contain a certain common sense that should be easy for anyone to understand. The ranges of topics this book speak about are manifold and are designed to bring contentment as we go about our days following God's word. They include ways to keep your mouth pure, to how to truth about nagging wives. Reading Proverbs will help us stay rooted in the word of God and also will help us have better relationships with those around us.

Pr 1-3) To have wisdom is to fear the Lord. Not in fear as in being afraid of God's wrath, but fear as in not wanting to displease God by being disobedient, because His ways are mighty, and our sinful selves will try to disobey Him every chance they get. To be wise is to love God's ways and to follow them. By following God's ways we will find that our paths are straightened and our souls have peace. The well-being and prosperity in our lives depends on the wisdom we follow. To follow man's wisdom is to bring destruction upon ourselves; to follow God's wisdom is to bring upon us life in abundance. Staying in the wisdom of God will bring you long life, for God will preserve you when the proud mockers mock you for knowing God. Most of all, following God's wisdom will keep you humble before God and those around you will see the blessings that humbleness will bring you.

Pr 8-9) Wisdom is crying out to all mankind at all times. Those who hear its call immediately discern right from wrong and choose to follow the right way of truth. Wisdom is living and real and loves those who follow her. Wisdom was here first before the world and everything in it was made. Those who listen to the voice of wisdom are blessed and have life, while those who refuse to hear her voice perish. If you follow the way of the world folly will be brought upon you. Following the strong foundation of wisdom to rebuke and correct brings understanding to the already wise, but is hated by those who are wicked. It is folly to listen to the voice of stray words for they will lead you to death.

Pr 10-12) These many proverbs contrast the wicked with the righteous. In them the wicked will find suffer in some way and the righteous will be rewarded or blessed in some way. The wicked are portrayed as those whose wisdom is from themselves or man in general, whose wisdom will always bring evil into their lives, or cause them to be evil to others. But those who follow the righteousness of God succeed in every way in life, and if they keep continuing to follow the wisdom of God, many blessings and long life will follow.


The Book of Ecclesiastes is believed to have been authored by King Solomon. The book reflects Solomon's search for meaning in everything from wisdom to pleasure and work; a search that left him with the attitude that everything is meaningless unless the Creator is involved in it.

Ecc 1-3) As the writer of this book says, "Everything is meaningless" (Ec. 1:2). In the first two chapters, the author is telling us that everything that comes from man is meaningless. He has tried everything to find joy and meaning in that the earth and its people have to offer. Everything, which includes wisdom, pleasure, and work are fully meaningless. Nothing we do without God brings meaning. But, thankfully, the author shows us that not everything is without
a time and place for everything under the sun. God has made a time for everything to be a blessing or a curse depending on whether God is in it or not.

Ecc 12:1-14) Remembering God in all you do will bring wisdom, the only wisdom that brings pleasure. When al seems lost remember the Creator for all of life at the time of death is meaningless for only God brings us meaning.

Song of Solomon

The Song of Solomon (also known as the Song of Songs) was written to show the blossoming love between a man and his lover that soon became his wife. It has been said that this book also reflects the love that Jesus has for His church.

SS 1:1-3:5) These chapters tell of how the maiden is reminiscing about much she can't wait to kiss and love her lover. She is so happy and excited that she tells her friends about her thoughts. When the two meet they converse back and forth about all the wonderful things and ways they are. They can only tell of their love in words only because they have not yet wed and cannot physically give in to their desires. They confirm their love to each other and are one in hope. In chapter three, we see the woman's desire to know her lover escalade to the point that she goes out of her bed to seek him in the land and implores her friends not to let her give in before it is time.


Scripture quotations are taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION . Copyright 1973, 1978, 1984 by International Bible Society. Used by permission of Zondervan. All rights reserved."

Bobby Bruno was saved 15 years ago in a way that left him no doubt that Jesus wanted him to reach others with His great and abounding love.  He started writing at the age of 12 and hasn't stopped since. He achieved Associates Degree in Biblical Studies from Ohio Christian University in early 2014.

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