How to Make a Resurrection Rock
by Taylor

This is my custom variation of a "Prayer Rock," which was a plain small stone someone gave me years ago, with a poem about the importance of prayer.

Kids (of all ages!) can make these and give to friends, teachers, family members, and even people they don't know. I've often carried them with me on trips, even to the local store, to give as the LORD leads.

People usually love free stuff, especially if it's different, and this is an easy way to sow spiritual seeds to help people know and love God!

It's also an excellent way to teach kids about the importance, power, and privilege of witnessing, while giving them a fun craft experience.


Gather as many small stones or buy polished ones, natural or man-made, as you want to give. Get curling ribbon, a permanent marker, and paper to print the poem on. We used plain printer paper and typed the poem below into our printer

I made several columns in MS Word, to get several copies of the poem on one 8 1/2" x 11" piece of paper, then cut them to size. You can use colored paper, and print graphics, or draw your own pictures, if you want to make it even more interesting.

Punch a hole in one corner of the poem (below), tie ribbon around it, and then tie the ribbon around the rock, or tape it to the rock.

Take the permanent marker and draw a cross on the rock. One variation that God gave me is to draw a heart in the center of the cross--for it was Jesus, Who is Love Who hung on that cross for us!

I also wrote a short invitation to our church and attached it. For instance, I included our church website and motto on the invitation, with the service times and physical address, so it looked like this:

You can't explain it; just experience it--HIM (Family Word Church/Harvest International Ministries, 4000 Arkansas Blvd, Texarkana, AR 71854. Power in the Word at 9:30 AM Sundays, Worship Celebration and Preaching at 10:30 Sundays."

You can modify this pattern to fit various holidays and other celebrations, for instance, "Freedom Rock" for July 4, etc.

Another variation of Resurrection Rocks was when my daughter, Victoria, and I made made "Hallelujah Treats" to hand out around Oct. 31.

Tori was just 5 and we used the poem, the invitation to our church, and substituted candy for the rock. We assembled these, gathered a few friends, dressed in costumes that wouldn't offend God.

Then we visited local neighborhoods, "Treating" people by giving the candy, inviting them to church, and telling them Jesus loved them. Every one of the people were shocked and delighted--they were expecting people to come to GET; they weren't expecting anyone to come to GIVE!

These are excellent to give at convenience stores, shopping centers, your child's school parties, and anywhere you have the freedom to give. Get creative and make your own designs. The possibilities are unlimited!

May the LORD prosper all your efforts to draw others to Him!

Below is the poem I wrote to go with the Resurrection Rocks:


"You are looking for Jesus...He has risen; "
--Mark 16:6

Jesus loves you
This is true--
He has a dynamite
Life for you!
He's your best Friend,
Your patient Boss;
He died for you
Upon the cross.
Just ask Him right
Into your heart;
That's the way
Blessed life you start.
Then He'll go with you
Guarding you
With loving care.

Tonja and her husband Clayton minister God's Word in creative ways through their website,; their YouTube channel of the same name; their church; and more. They demonstrate God's love through teaching, preaching, worship, prayer, and the arts. 

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