by Ramona Cook

"Transparency," don't you just warm up to the word?

It creates good and promising thoughts, "nothing hidden, all in plain view, no guessing, just simple truth."

Transparency is a buzz word for us today; we have been told that this will be the most transparent government of all; but we have not found that to be true; the truth is bent according to one view, so this promise does seem half-way true.

The transparent things are me and you.

Everything about us is being stored and viewed, so "they," whoever they are, can know all about me and all about you.

But let me remind us everyone that, "There is nothing new under the sun."

Never has there been a time when all things were not totally in God's sight, and so it is today; God is watching those who are watching us, and exactly as they, He is keeping the Records, as they are too, to be evaluations of what He will do.

God listens, so He says in His Word, to those with power, as they sit in their secret Conference Towers, and then He tells His Prophets what they have said, and tells them to tell it to everyone: "There is nothing new, under the Sun." God is aware of all said, and done.

God is strategic in His Plans, and no one ever outsmarts Him, or wins.

The people who trust God are advantaged in every way, so relax in Him this and every day.

Ecclesiastes 12: 14

Jeremiah 23: 24

Psalm 64: 2

Amos 3: 7

Luke 8: 17

Ramona: 07/08/14

Ramona,  Master in Ministry Arts, BA in Biblical Studies, I am an Ordained Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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