by Carol Hind

Reading: Matthew 14:6-21

It is a rare occasion when meeting the needs of the lost or hurting will fit neatly into our schedule. Often, it is when we are at our busiest that some demand is placed upon us to comfort, counsel and encourage distressed individuals. Sometimes, when we ourselves are suffering and feel least able to minister, God brings a needy person across our pathway.

In today's reading, Jesus was grieving over the death of his cousin, John the Baptist. He sought a quiet place so he could mourn in privacy. This was not to be however, for very soon he was pursued by a crowd who were intent on having their physical needs and curiosity satisfied. In the context of his recent bereavement Jesus could have wallowed in his sorrow. Instead, he pushed his personal grief to one side in order to give of himself to the demanding masses. Jesus demonstrated sacrificial love and concern for the wellbeing of others.

As his disciples we are called to emulate him. We should be sensitive to the needs of others and care enough to reach out even during those times when it is inconvenient, or we feel least prepared.


Prayer Focus: For weary or hurting leaders

Prayer: Father God, motivate and help me to demonstrate heartfelt compassion to the lost and hurting. AMEN

Thought for the day: Are my acts of service motivated by love or duty?
(1 Corinthians 13:3)

Carol Hind

Carol's love of reading from an early age later kindled a passion for writing. She gains inspiration from various sources and writers such as C S Lewis and the late Maya Angelou are her benchmark for authorial excellence. Her ongoing desire is to use her writing to encourage the Body of Christ.

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