Answer To My Prayers (2004)
by louis gander

I was walking down the road, in the autumn of my years;
the leaves were brilliant colors, though my eyes were red with tears.

My pain was ever mounting. Death was always surely near -
my troubles and my heartache held me tight in cold, dark fear.

I prayed to Jesus every day. Every burden I could name;
but He never seemed to answer. Every day was still the same.

Life is so unfair I pled, that I should bear this awful pain;
and then without a warning, there I stood in pouring rain.

It came down heavy. The wind blew hard;
the mud was slick, and caught me off-guard.

Embarrassed on the cold ground - increasing anger taking hold -
I'm just too good of person. You so loved me, I was told.

I screamed again, "Life's so unfair - And getting worse!" I hissed,
and with my energy exhausted, I raised an angry fist.

Then something shook my soul. It thundered from the sky-
and then in lightning flashes, two trees had caught my eye.

One bent down across the other, which stood along beside;
it curved if humbly bowing and exposed my selfish pride.

Were my troubles overwhelming- because I was at a loss?
Did my pains need me to stumble to see this simple cross?

So then the prayer I uttered, was something like those trees-
with one bowed low and humbly, as I knelt there on my knees.

The whole of vast unfairness, in life that I had earned;
just couldn't hold a candle, to what I'd finally learned.

Did I deserve some comfort? No bird would dare to sing!
Had I worn a thorn? I thought, endured a nail or anything?

No. My life was easy. My burden unfairly light-
for Jesus seized that evil death, so I could be set right.

Yes, I know that life's unfair, though not to me you see;
but rather to the Lamb of God... His sacrifice for me!

Copyright 2020 by louis gander.
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