Faith in Silence
by jackie parent

Where are you, why don't you answer?
I've been seeking, but to no avail
Is this a test and will I fail?

I'm lost without you, my purpose is unclear
Sadness has overcome me this is more than I can bear

Help me believe that you are there
Help me to believe you really care

My head tells me to trust your word
My heart says that's absurd

My burden is heavy, and much to bear
I'm choosing to believe you are there

In these times faith is freeing
Faith is believing without seeing

It's not always easy to do, the choice is up to you

Gazing in the mirror who do I see?
Are you visible or is it solely me?

Believer for 22 years. Project Manager by day, aspiring writer by night. My heart is to honor the Lord from my heart.

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