The Pianist in Nature
by Carolyn Kenney

The mountains roll one after the other in a harmonic line across the horizon. Trees permeate this expanse of majesty as they regally reach to the spacious sky. Upon closer look, one can see flowers slowly emerging from the depths of earth. Small yet sturdy towers of delicate blossoms are gradually formed creating a blanket of inviting colors. As birds sail above, they flow in graceful harmony with nature, which encircles them on all sides. They breathe in the cool, silent air of the forest and sing in sweet melodic voices. In union with one another, all the elements of nature breathe in and breathe out. A hushed harmony takes place within the woodlands, which reach for miles before breaking upon humanity.
In spring, buds pulsate from within trees and flowers as new life, long dormant in the prior months, shines forth from the confines of the earth. The subdued rustle of branches play in agreement like strings on a violin.
In gradual grandeur summer days start to sparkle in the forest. Golden rays from the sun cast a vibrant scene of light as they twinkle merrily upon stately trees and tantalizing flowers. A glow is emitted causing an array of splendid admiration everywhere.
Autumn slowly descends upon the splendid scene. Leaves of myriad colors fall in silent synchronization like a rainbow arching across the sky. The calm, clear water of a nearby river flows freely over rugged rocks before cascading softly into a pool of green and blue water.
In winter, the scene transforms into one of white wonder. In a symphony of quiet simplicity, snowflakes delicately descend from the gray-white sky in a sea of soft enrichment to the cool earth beneath.
The Pianist in nature speaks in all seasons of the year. His voice is heard no matter the hour or the day. In light and love He speaks to us, but do we hear?

For over four years, Ms. Kenney has writen weekly articles for her church bulletin.  Some of these reflections developed into a short devotional book titled "Meditations of the Heart."  Her interest is devotional and childrens writing.  Her website is

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