An Anti-covetousness Capsule
by Olawale Ogunsola

For several years now, HIV/AIDS had been the dominating disease ravaging the world and giving governments and non-government agencies sleepless nights to curb its spread.

Experts have come up with various measures, including rules and regulations, to prevent its spread; they also invented drugs that can 'kill' the virus so as to elongate the lives of those who have contacted HIV/AIDs.

Before people could begin to jubilate over their seeming victory over HIV/AIDs, another kill-them-fast disease emerged from Liberia in West Africa sub-region. The major origin of this remains "meat-eating" (especially bats and donkeys/monkeys). The arrival of Ebola virus has altered many pursuits of various bodies, including government of nations.

Experts are now busy devising various methods to prevent its spread and find a cure. This generation is awaitung results from research laboratories. We wish them the best result quickly to save human race.

Whatever result that came out will be globaly accepted.

However, it is sad to note that there is a ''disease'' among men that slowly and steadily waste lives but no one seem to pay any attention to it. Anyone who dares to wage war against it will be fought with various means by individuals and bodies. They will claim that they are fighting for their '' Fundamental Human Rights''.

Note well that I am not in any way opposed to protecting people's rights.

Still, the disease continued to spread with its virus from one generation to another. God's warning against the disease runs like this,
'You shall not covet your neighbour's house, you shall not covet your neighbour's wife , or his man-servants, or his maid-servant, or his Ox, or his ass, or anything that is your neighbour's' Exodus 20:17 (RSV).
'Neither shall you desire your neigbour's house, his field, or anything that is your neighbour's.' Deuteronomy 5:21 (RSV)

This disease, covetousness, uncared for had given birth to other diseases too numerous to mention, and they continue to claim lives slowly but steadily.

The King of kings, Jesus Christ, warned those who believe and follow Him to ''Take heed and beware of all covetousness; for a man's life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.''

This points to the fact that it's only those who take to Christ rules and regulations that will beware of convetousness. They are the ones who will sought out what it will require to be healed from this age-old disease.

The Chief of (to) all Physicians of all times, Jesus Christ, in a parable was comparing the kingdom with a householder who hire labourers at various times of the day but gave the same reward to all of them. When those who started early saw what happened "the virus of convetousness swung into action. They thought and protested the payment of same amount to those who work for only one hour.

The recommended capsule for protesters was (and is still is),
'Take what belongs to you, and go' Matthew 20:14a.

Another term for this recommended capsule is '' Contentment''. Any use of this will destroy the virus of convetousness in any man's heart. Doing otherwise will fuel it because it will give room for looking at other peoples belongings in a negative way. This will give rise to taking ungodly steps.

First Timothy 6:6 puts it succintly,
'There is great gain in godliness with contentment.' (RSV)
The little that a man who lives right has is far better than the abundance owned by the wicked one.

Live right and be contented!

Those who suffer from covetousness have a heart trained in greed.

Beloved reader, apply this anti-covetousness capsule daily and you will join Apostle Paul to say,
'I coveted no one's silver or gold or apparel.'

These words are products of a heart free from Covetousness virus.

The Author is the set man of CTFM(WORLD OUTREACH)and Presiding Pastor of Christ Restland Gospel Church.He is a Poet and author of many books. Visit his blogsites and for more quality contents.

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