Black Sheep Washed Whiter Than Snow
by Stephen Vattimo

Jesus frees
If you will believe

Cast away your wondering around in your dark past
Start traveling along His lighted path
you will see that Jesus frees
If you will believe

I started my journey as a black sheep in the fold
always rolling in the wrong direction
So I was starved for affection
I was abandoned by the fold

Instead of hanging me from a tree
They leave me in a dense dark forest
In the care of the hands of the wolves

The Father to the Fatherless closes the hungry mouths of the wolves
He safely lead me back to my fold
Though I try to roll in harmony with the fold
I could not win their affection
I recieved their rejection
Because in their I eyes I was still the black sheep of the fold

They curioused me out of the fold
They thought I would never be a successful sheep
They thought I would roll in the direct of a pig
Spending my days wallowing in the mud
becoming nothing more than a dud
My journey would end on a heap pile of crud

I once again was abandoned to the dark dense woods
The home of the hungry wolves

I found the woods were cold with rejection
No flames of affection to warm oneself by
Blinded by darkness ,for there was no hope to provide light
Wandering around lost ,for there was no direction

Then The Father to the Fatherless
The Good Shepherd
Called out to me

He said," You don't have to be lost any more."
"Join my fold."

"I will never neglect you."
"I will never reject you."
"I will never eject you."

"Cast away your wondering around in your dark past."
"Come let Me make you a new creation,old thing are done away with."
"Let Me guide you along the lighted path of abundant life. "

" For I am Jesus, I have come to set you free!"

" If you will believe you will see."

Written Stephen J. Vattimo
Oct 04 2014

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