Best Balm For Disappointments
by Olawale Ogunsola

Have you been disappointed before? What was your experience like? Did you like it? Definitely, No!

The word "disappointment" is as old as mankind; daily , people suffer from all forms of let-downs.

For it to cease to exist completely, there's nothing anyone can do about it because man is mortal! I have even "seen" the two words "mankind" and "disappiontment" as synonyms. Trust man, experience disappointment.

If mankind disappointed his Maker, will he fail to disappoint his fellow human beings? Man is flesh. Man is weak.

Remember that you are also a human being. You have the tendencies to disappoint, if you have not done so before to your fellow human being. You can do this intentionally or unintentionally.

Let me also state here that there cannot be disappointment without an appointment preceeding it. When it fails to be fulfilled you add "dis-" to appointment.

Now, what do you do to avoid disappointment or to reduce its negative effect on you? If the likely adverse effect is not properly handled, it can result in anything that is not favourable. Such as caused people to commit suicide. So you must take care of this.

The best balm you can apply at that point of appointment is to avoid , "investing in expectation". Let me briefly state how disappointment comes into being and how it destroys people.

1. An appointment is made. A promise to do a favour for you is made. A sure word is given on what you need by someone who is aware of it. You are assured of that assistance.

2. What follows is your trust in what was promised and the person involved. For instance, if your uncle promised you a certain amount of money as a student, the tendency is high that you will put your confidence in him as an uncle who is in a position to assist you.

3. You can begin to utilise what you were promised. Money? You can start to apportion it. I will buy this! I will give... this amount; you can also tell your friends proudly about the coming fund.
You can go ahead to borrow some money with the hope that you will make a refund when your uncle fulfils his promise. These and other such actions are what I call "investment in expectation". You have put ALL your trust in the appointment or promise.

4. At the appointed time, if your uncle fails to meet his promise, you can become ill. You can faint. You can even die (God forbids). All because your uncle cannot meet his promise or appointment.

Note, however, that if you had not "invested in expectation" to put "all your eggs in one basket", you will not be moved. The provision against disappointment would have taken care of that.

Henceforth, begin to hold loosely on to any promise or appointment that you have from anyone. Remember that any man can disappoint for any reasons, whether they love it so or not. Many times, it is not the fault of the person who disappoints. He may not be able to help it. Therefore, do not invest in what you have been promised.

Stay blessed and rapturable because the Lord Jesus is coming soon.

The Author is the set man of CTFM(WORLD OUTREACH)and Presiding Pastor of Christ Restland Gospel Church.He is a Poet and author of many books. Visit his blogsites and for more quality contents.

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