Understand How God Works
by Olawale Ogunsola

A song- writer says,
"Pass me not, O gentle Savior
Hear my humble cry;
While on others thou art calling
Do not pass me by."

This should be the song of everyone who walks or wants to walk with the Lord. It is therefore important that the fellow is at alert. He must watch so that the Lord will not pass hin.

There are appointed times and ways to perform certain things you expect from Him. There is time to strike a hot iron into the shape you desire. Such an opportunity must not be missed. It happens in everyone's life. So you must watch.

Do you know what? You must watch for such time and opportunity. If care is not taken, a loss can be incurred; most especially when you have a way of your own that a particular thing must be done or take place.

I had an experience on November one, 2014. I was on my way to an Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) office, for my permanent voter's card in company of another minister of God. On our way, there was a very busy dual carriage way we must cross to reach that office. I pray that the government provide a pedestrians' bridge across the road.

My prayer and expectation on that day was that there be no coming vehicles for a few seconds or minutes so we could cross over to other side. Do you know what? Vehicles of various shapes, sizes and heights began to arrive like a flood. We were perplexed- thinking, when shall we cross over?

Suddenly, the plan of God for us began to manifest! What was it? There were as many vehicles as possible but their speed reduced considerably as they approached us. Gradually, a hold-up (traffic jam) began to build up until vehicles were at a complete stand still. No vehicle could move and I tapped my companion on the shoulder, saying ,
"Let's cross to the other side."
This was how we easily made our ways through the vehicles.

At the other side, I looked at my companion but before I could speak, he said,
"God is always a wonderful God! So, He purposed to give us the space to cross the road using a hold-up when we were expecting a free road for a minute or two."

I smiled and said,
"I thought in the same way and may we always understand His ways and act accordingly."

Do you know that it is not peculiar to road crossing alone? It works across ALL human undertakings or desires. If you have a way you want God to do something, He may, in most cases, do it another way you never expect. All you need to do is to watch for what His plan is and act right. This will prevent you from acting contrary to Him.

Psalm 103:7 says
"He made known His ways to Moses,
His acts to the children of Israeli."

Therefore, be interested in God's acts and ways. Walk in His way for your own profit here and hereafter.
Stay blessed and rapturable as the Lord is coming soon. Prepare to meet Him.
Scriptures quoted are from New King James Version.

The Author is the set man of CTFM(WORLD OUTREACH)and Presiding Pastor of Christ Restland Gospel Church.He is a Poet and author of many books. Visit his blogsites www.4thlink.wordpress.com and www.peacelink.wordpress.com for more quality contents.

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com


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