by Ramona Cook

The most dangerous of enemies are those hidden from our view, and so are those who when they do present themselves openly, are in fact other than they appear.

Anyone who presents themselves to any of us as a friend, whom we believe to be a friend is especially dangerous, or potentially dangerous, because we are open in conversation to them; there is a level of trust we have in the relationship.

If, in fact, such a person is not truly our friend, they will hold information about us that may not be destructive on its face value, but it can be distorted and bear some resemblance to truth when it is actually false, and possibly tarnish our reputation, as they misrepresent it.

There are those enemies that hide among us, sometimes even in our own families, who are biding time for the right moment to defame and to destroy.

There are those about us who hate us and are not on our side.

Conversely, there are those who love us and are every whit on our side.

But then, those who are for us are not the ones we need to be alert about; we rather need to be alert to the enemy.

I promise every reader that you have enemies all about you and they take up residence in your own house UNLESS, you are wise enough to detect their presence and expel them. I Peter 5: 8-9

These are unseen enemies, and yet as with all unseen things they produce seeable results.

They are the "whisperers" who simply drop a word into our mind that sets us thinking on negative things.

I will make my case this way: God is a friend to everyone, He is unseen but His Presence is seeable by the results He produces, we are, we live, we have food to eat, etc.

Air is certainly a friend, and yet we cannot see air, but we know its results by the fact that we do not suffocate.

The devil and his demons, or if you prefer the dressed up names of Satan and his army of fallen angels, are all about us. We do not see them.

They have no bodies by which to work their evils on this earth except as they can con humans into believing that what they are doing with their bodies and tongues is, in fact their own human idea and desire.

The devil never says, "Hello, I am the devil and I am here to kill you and your family in any way I can." No. The devil would rather you never thought of its presence anywhere on earth, and certainly not right up against your ear.

There are ways to detect these unwanted intruders, invaders of your home; it is by the things you see happening in your home and happening with your family.

If there is constant bickering and yelling; if there is frequent or constant accusations flying about, "put downs" on the people you say you love, or who say they love you, if there is disorder, and even filth, if there is rebellion, then get a grip on reality, you need to purge your household; and each of us must begin with ourselves, but we do not stop there. James 3:16 and I Cor. 14:33

There are ways to begin, but we must first know our own spiritual condition before we begin aggression against the enemy. Acts 19: 11-20

I am speaking of being a person who has asked Jesus to come into their heart, one who has accepted His blood sacrifice for their sin, and therefore, has the Presence of the Holy Spirit within them.

If that has not been your experience then it can be, simply by asking Jesus to forgive your sin and to please take up residence in your heart and your life right now. Romans 10: 9-13

Now, you are ready to tell the devil and his demons that they cannot be in residence, in your house, and your family any longer. Mark 1: 29-34 and John 14: 12

We read often how the Catholic Church has engaged in exorcising demons and we may think that was away back when, and not for other Denominations, or for anyone today. Well, that is what the devil would like us to think.

The fact is that the New Testament is filled with information and instruction to do just such an act in the Name of Jesus, as we also proclaim His Blood.

In the Book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ, Jesus says that "They" (believers in Him) overcame the devil by "THE WORD OF THEIR TESTIMONY AND THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB." Rev. 12: 10-11

Don't ever let anyone tell you that the Blood of Jesus is inconsequential to us today. It was by the Blood of Jesus that the Devil's power was broken, and it is by His blood that we are forgiven and saved as we take ownership of the free gift offered to us, and provided for us by Jesus Himself.

We can read what Jesus said about binding and loosing. First we must have received Jesus as our Savior and then we have the authority to do those things which He does. Jesus said so! Luke 10:18-20

We bind the devils by the Name of Jesus and we command them to get out and not come back.

But that is only half of the method; we must then fill the surroundings, and our own lives, with the Word of God, the Bible, and be serious soldiers about living within the confines of the paths of righteous living. Matthew 18: 18-20

We are unconquerable by the enemy, IF we are living in righteous connection to Jesus, being honest followers of Jesus, and being obedient to the Lord's instructions.

After we have dealt with the spiritual and unseen elements we continue by bringing order to our homes and families, and by setting general house rules, which every member of the house is required to follow. (rebellion not permitted and micro orders also not permitted)

But the devil can be having a heyday with our lives, IF we allow it. If we are permitting ungodly things in our homes, and families, and in our own lives, we will be conquered and destroyed.

It is time, far past time, for us as serious believers in Jesus to be soldiers that cause harm to no one, except to the unseen forces of evil who hide and lie and accuse.

Know this: God accuses no one. The Holy Spirit does convict and convince us of sin, but it is always with a desire to stop the wrong thing we are doing.

The devil on the other hand will tell us how nasty and evil we are, and will even mock our Christianity, like he really cared that we don't look like the One with Whom we identify. John 3: 16-20

Know too that there are unseen Angels of God who are also available to assist us and to protect us as God gives them orders to do for us.

Know this: If you are laying bad words on your wife, husband, or children, or on any human being, you are NOT doing the works of God! Matthew 15:18

"But they deserve it!" No. That is what the lying devil says. God has other pinions and desires. God wants us to encourage and protect each other and not be a tool in the hands of the devil to destroy those we say we love.

We must all read the Bible and get wise about these kinds of "unseen enemies;" otherwise, there will be no victory for the war in which we are. Titus 2: 11-14

Ramona: 01/12/2014

Ramona,  Master in Ministry Arts, BA in Biblical Studies, I am an Ordained Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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