by Ramona Cook

Sometimes we feel that there is nothing happening in our "spiritual life." We wonder, "When will I ever get to the Lord's will and assignment for my life?"

It seems so often that the day is filled with household and family chores, or work at the office; that the evenings are filled with family involvements, and at the end of the day there is no spiritual engagement that has occurred in our experience.

Could it be that part of the reason for our dilemma is that we have only a partial view of what is "spiritual?" Are we seeing with only one eye?

In Titus 3: 13-14 Paul gives this instruction: "Do your best to help Zenas, the lawyer and Apollos, to get started on their travels, and see to it that they have everything they need. Our people must learn to spend their time doing good in order to provide for real needs; they should not live useless lives." TEV

So let us do a checklist. Do the people in our house need a good meal every day? Does the baby need a diaper change? Someone must clean the germs from the floors and the toilets so that sickness takes no hold on the family. The list is endless.

For those who go to a "regular outside job" their service to the Lord is no less important; after all those are people with whom we deal, whose money we manage or whose food we handle, with whom we speak either kindly or abruptly on the telephone.

But know that God loves His babies, the tall ones and the short ones, and He is pleased when we do the care-taking for Him, and with Him. We are His partner in all the good things we do.

The fact is that all of us are either contributing to the good of people around us or we are doing them harm. So if we are doing the job God has provided for us and doing it with honesty and integrity, then we are doing a spiritual thing.

The one point we need to be certain to include into our day is Scripture reading and prayer.
That is our time to be personal and devoted to the Lord and He will guide the path we take in doing His work which is all inclusively the work of His heart.

It occurred to me at a point in my life that I was suffering with this dilemma of only doing mundane things and the feeling that I was never "getting to it!"

I believe the Lord gave me a message that He also is involved in daily and routine things that don't seem spiritual. This is the message in poetic form:

Learning to be faithful

I've been thinking about it
and I really must say that my life
is monotonous from day to day.
Everyday doing the very same things,
waiting and wishing for spiritual gains
within my heart to grow,
and in my life to show.

After all, God is miraculous and
powerful, He's a mountain moving
God, things just ought to happen
when He is involved. So why am I here
just doing the plod of a day to day
routine, questioning,
"Where are You God?"

Yet, I think of the things that God
does as He holds all things together,
and I understand there are many things
that I take as fact of matter, such as
my heart that beats, and the breaths
that I breathe, and grass that is there,
and also the trees,
the sun that rises and sets
at a scheduled time,
ending the night and beginning the day,
and it has always happened
exactly that way.

The stars are hanging there in the sky
exactly in their place,
never moving at all, not by a trace.
The wind and water, God controls,
while being aware of every prayer
that ascends to Him from every soul.

He's been doing all that He does
since before to the earth I came,
and long, long after I'm gone,
He'll continue to do the same

I suppose that I have to
consider the indisputable
truth that I see, routine is not dull
to God, it just seems dull to me.

There is a deeper truth that we
realize while living out our routine
day to day lives, routine is acceptable
and right, in God's eyes.

"So whatever your hand finds to do,
do it with all your might!" "For what does
God require of you but to walk humbly
with Him, to love mercy,
and to do justly in His sight?"

These are the things that I can do as I live
day to day, knowing that my faithful plod
is very acceptable to my Seeing God.

And while in the life of every one
occasional wonders occur when
we can say emphatically,
"Oh yes, God was here!" Most of our life
is blandly routine, but that in itself is
miraculous, although it's not the main thing.

The primary thing required of our life
is to actively worship our God, and always
to be careful to not engage in strife;
to do our work and to be applied,
to be merciful to those who are at our side,
to do justly in all that we do and say
and then, when to Heaven we come
we will joyfully hear Jesus say,
"Welcome home, faithful one."


Oh yes, there are miracles to be done
and messages to be told!
There are healings' that will come
and salvation to many souls;
and still, these are the things that are done
by our God, through the ones who
with Him walk faithfully
in the times we call "Routine"
or perhaps, "Monotony."

Ramona 04/28/2011
Today's Date 01/13/2014

Ramona,  Master in Ministry Arts, BA in Biblical Studies, I am an Ordained Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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