An Evil That Women Do
by Olawale Ogunsola

Note that for the purpose of this article, A MOTHER includes
1. A married woman who is blessed with a male child;
2. Any lady who, by circumstances, happens to be the first woman in a male child's life.

Nowadays, marrriages are contracted on daily basis and they crash so soon. It sad to note that marrriages expire within a short period of being contracted.

There is story of a marrriage that lasted twenty-seven days. It was a wedding that attracted "movers and shakers" in the society.

On bitter pill that a mother will not want to swallow is that many times, they are the architects of their children's marital misfortune(s).

As a mother, is your heart wounded with these words? Thar is the truth!

A mother in many ways obstruct the success of their children's marrriages. Let me focus on the early life of your male children.

Let me start with a grandma's statement many years ago. Her son wanted one of his male children to live with her so that she would not suffer from loneliness. The woman's reply was,
"I don't want a male dog to live with me. If you have interest in allowing any of your children to live with me, let the person be a girl. If I take care of a male dog, he will not come back to reward me later."

What do you think?

So many mothers are this grandma. They never see anything good in their male children. They do not fail to demonstrate there perfect hatred for them by all means.

About ten years ago, I heard about a confessional statement of a mother to a great man of God.

What was it?

She said to her son, the first of her twin children,
"Taiwo, I want you to forgive me today. My sin was that on the day I gave birth to you as twin.brothers, I was sad to hear that you were both boys because I was expecting a girl . If I had got the opportunity, I would have killed both of you at birth. I demand your forgiveness in that your wife is nore than any blood daughter. I receive from her more affection than I hope for from any daughter."

That is one thing.

Another thing I want to emphasise here is that it is possible for you to ruin your son's marriage before he is matured for it.

A truth you must know is that you are the first woman you son knows. You are the first female to interact with closely. His heart is plain and clean, so what you write on that heart will remain indelible forever. The possibility is thar he will see every woman in your light. He will perceive every female as you are.

If you allow him to grow up to know you as his enemy, it will be very difficult for any woman to convince him that she loves him.

Not only this, he will not invest his true love in any female. He may appear "as if" he is in love with a lady, the old wound continues to prevent him from doing so genuinely. When he appears to do so, it becomes a conditional love.

He loves for an ulterior motive like to have a bed mate, a breeding machine, and so on.

After some time, it will be easier for the devil to carry out his evil work in this type of marrriage. That is one of the reasons a twenty or more than thirty years old marriage comes to an end abruptly. The man can easily conclude, "I have got what I want from her. Let her go in the way she likes." I have heard many such men saying, "If not for child bearing, who needs a woman!"

Can you see that it is an evil act for a mother to hate her son? Do you understand the gravity of not loving a son ?

To buttress this, let me give you an assignment:
1. Do you enjoy your husband's unreserved and unconditional love? Or do you miss it?

Probe into the heart of your man to know his relationship with his mother, remember who is a mother in this piece.

You are now either a beneficiary or a victim of a previous relationship.

2. Please, think deeply about this from a woman,
"A man who treats his wife as a Princess must have been raised by a Queen."
Are you a Queen raising men who will treat their wives as Princesses?

Who do you want to be? A builder or destroyer? The options are before you, choose right.

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Remember, the Lord Jesus is coming soon with rewards. Prepare to meet Hin.

The Author is the set man of CTFM(WORLD OUTREACH)and Presiding Pastor of Christ Restland Gospel Church.He is a Poet and author of many books. Visit his blogsites and for more quality contents.

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