What is your Identity
by Janet Riley

Where is your Identity?

Is your identity in:
The job
The family
The hobby
The ministry?

Is your identity in doing?
Busy days, good and bad
Roller coaster of life,
Ups, downs and turns

Is life a merry go-round?
Whirling, spinning
Where do you get off?

Are you a puppy?
Searching for approval
Pet dog on the head
Good job, trick well done
Or bad boy, what a mess!

Is your identity
Something that someone or
Some event can take away from you?

Who are you?
Or what are you?
Are you a human being?
Or a human doing?

Is your identity defined by
What others think or
By Who died for you and
Lives in you?

A human Being
Not a human doing.

(C) Janet Riley, 2014. I know God as a personal God who communicates with us, if we listen. I am starting on a Christian writing career and open to where God leads me. Please review my other articles at FaithWriters. I would like to hear from you. Please email at [email protected]

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com


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