Don't box God in
by Janet Riley

It is time to let go
To say goodbye
To old ways, old times
For new things

Please God show me
How to think outside the box
To never put barriers in the way of
What You want to do

Let me be open
To Your will
And not my own

Let me seek Your Way
And not
My own understanding

Let me seek your Face
Not look on circumstances
And all the reasons I think of
Why something can not be

You are the Creator
The architect and the Master Planner
Why do I plan my life
And get in Your way?

Why is it so hard
Not to figure things out
But to let You lead?

So hard to wait, for God's timing
For your ways and paths
Lead me and do not forsake me
Help me to never
Put You in a box!

(C) Janet Riley, 2014. I know God as a personal God who communicates with us, if we listen. I am starting on a Christian writing career and open to where God leads me. Please review my other articles at FaithWriters. I would like to hear from you. Please email at [email protected]

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