Miracle at the Mall
by Ethel Ashe-Frear

Sometimes the unexpected can happen when least expected. You've heard this saying before I'm sure.

I took my neighbor and best friend June, a very young 74 year-old lady to Lakeforest Mall. Her favorite store is Penney's and that's where we began our shopping. I purchased a small piece of luggage for my trip to Florida to visit my daughters' family and new baby.

June and I decided to walk over to the Coffee Beanery. June enjoys a good cup of coffee and we ordered a medium, which is a generous size. We sat down at one of the two tables provided. We were chatting about my upcoming trip and errands she needed to do later that day. I had taken about two sips of my coffee as it was steaming hot. The next minute, it was in my lap.

I jumped up yelling, "Ouch, ouch."

The coffee began burning my legs. My yelling was loud enough to draw a crowd; people came running over to see what was happening. Someone was kind enough to hand me several paper towels.

The coffee spilled on my slacks and on the raincoat I was wearing. I honestly don't know how I knocked that cup over. I began praying that I would not have to cancel my trip because of this injury.

I began limping down the mall corridor to the closest ladies room and asked June to follow me. How could I have caused this much damage to my legs through these slacks?

There was a lot of redness, throbbing pain, and peppered white blisters beginning to show. I walked to the power room sofa area where June was waiting for me and showed her one of my legs.

"Look at my raincoat," agitation showing on my face, "it's a mess and I need to take it Florida with me."

"That really looks bad," she said, "we better go home so you can get some ice on them."
We had to walk the distance of the mall to get to the parking area and out through Penney's store to my car. The drive home took only about 10 minutes.

Thinking to myself as I arrived at my apartment, "my legs are going to be severely blistered."

Removing my slacks I looked at my legs, nothing was there! At first, I was a little confused. Where's all the blisters, where's all the redness? I've never had an instantaneous miracle; I always had to do a lot of fasting, praying, and writing scripture to receive a healing.

I called June on the phone to be sure she was still in her apartment. "You are not going to believe this!" I ran downstairs and showed her my legs.

"Where's all the blisters and redness I saw a few minutes ago?" Was her reply.

"I don't know!"

We talked for a few minutes and I returned to my apartment as I was expecting a call from my son.

I was thinking, "I'd better see if I could get the coffee stain off my raincoat." I picked up the coat where I threw it on my bed, now I was really puzzled.

"Where's the wet spots and the coffee stain?" I said to myself.

Again, I ran to June's apartment. "Take a look at this!"

She stretched the coat out under the light to get a better look. "Why isn't it wet, where's the coffee stains?"

We were both astounded. This miracle happened in about a 15-minute time span. And every time I read what I have written - I am still amazed!

It is written in Isaiah 65:24 - "It shall come to pass that before they call, I will answer, and while they are speaking, I will hear." God answers our prayers even before we ask.

* * * *

Scripture: New King James Version (NKJV)

Graduate - Baptist Institute for Christian Workers, Bryn Mawr, PA; NRI McGraw-Hill Center for Writing, Washington, D.C. Studied only Wesley Seminary, D.C. & Asbury Theological Seminary, Orlando, FL (2 yrs). Completed on-line course Jewish Seminary, N.Y. Past student - The Christian Writers Guild.

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com


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