sisterhood is a beautiful thing
by Shemmie Y

Who do you think that they are your sisters?
What do they do that they are qualified to be your sisters in Christ?
In Christ, we are many
We come from different backgrounds
Also we have different hurts and wounds
We come together in church
Deep down we might have comparisons
Comparisons between ourselves and others
We love them as sisters but somehow....
We do compare ourselves with others

We might consider ourselves the ugliest and think of others as very pretty
Somehow we know in Christ, we are just the same, we have obtained the same beauty that God has given us
We know that we shouldn't compare
We know that we should be content

Sisterhood -
share life, share hard time together
Sisterhood -
uphold you in good and bad times with prayers and encouragement
Sisterhood -
every one of us is precious in God's eyes, we are equal in Him
Sisterhood -
love from the Lord Jesus
Sisterhood -
No need to be blood-related, it is Christ-related indeed

Sisterhood is indeed a beautiful thing
Be thankful always for the sisters around you
During your good and bad times
Be very thankful to God

Shemariah- passionate about the sexually-broken. Thank You.

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