Great Expectations
by Shakera Reid-Stewart

A father and son lived happily together. The father was very powerful and influential and they had everything that they could ever want at their disposal. Life was great. More importantly, they had a great relationship. One day, the father looks around and reflects on the world around him. He then approaches his son and sits him down to have a talk.

"Son, I've made a decision!" He declared.

"What's up dad?" the son asked curiously.

"I think I want to adopt some children. This is our world and we have a responsibility to give back and to give a helping hand. I need to take these children under my wing and show them a better life."

The son respectfully gave his father his approval.

At first, things were great. He gathered them together and welcomed them lovingly. He also lovingly laid down the law. The children were in awe of their new father and were grateful for His care and support. Unfortunately, when most of the children adjusted and became comfortable, they started causing problems. The father was so hurt and displeased. He gave them many warnings and pleaded with them to change their ways. The children completely ignored the father and as children tend to do, kept going their own way, thinking that they knew best. As if things weren't bad enough, those same children ridiculed his son and laughed at him because he was so obedient and responsible. He was an outcast in his own home.

The father eventually had to put his foot down, although it hurt him to do it, he had to punish the children who were going astray. He did it out of love.

Things got better for a while, but then the children started reverting back to their old ways. The father was unsure of what to do and so he sat down and contemplated the situation. Once again, he called his real son in for a talk.

"Look son, this situation is getting out of control. I have a plan that will get these children back to where they ought to be. If the plan goes well, they won't end up down the road that they are heading. They won't have to suffer the detrimental consequences that I see coming their way. The thing is, I'm going to need your help," the father said with a grave expression on his face.

The son, eager to please his father asked, "What can I do to help?"

"Well," the father said. "What I'm asking you to do will probably be the most difficult thing that you will ever do. Actually, this is the most difficult thing for me to ask you to do, but it will save your brothers and sisters from themselves. I love you, but I love them too."

"But father, how can you ask me to do something like that? These children disrespect us everyday. You've taken them in, provided for them, loved them, and treated them as your very own. How do they repay you? They turn their back on you and they don't abide by your rules. Why should I do anything of this magnitude to help them?" the son yelled out.

"To love means to sacrifice. I want to show them how much I love them and how far I'm willing to go to ensure their well being. I know you and love you and even if you do this, I know that you'll always be where you need to be. I want to give them the same opportunity," answered the father.

"If that's what you want me to do, I'll do it. I trust you father, and even though I'm afraid, I trust that you know best," the son replied sadly.

In case you haven't quite figured it out, this is a contemporary view of God's predicament where it concerned us, His wayward children. It is entitled Great Expectations because God expects us to take notice of the sacrifice that He made. He expects us to realize that we should live for Him because He has our best interests in mind. He certainly expects us to be obedient and to follow His son's example by trusting Him with our lives. Contrary to popular belief, He expects us to have questions, but He also expects that when we ask Him these questions, we not only take note of His answers, but we act accordingly.

God doesn't treat us like step children; he treats each of us like his own. We are formed in His very image. He has set the stage for you to come to Him and has opened the door of opportunity. He expects you to walk through it and treat Him with the love and respect that a Heavenly Father deserves.

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Shakera Reid was born in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in Miramar, Florida. Her passion in life is counseling and educating youth. Hobbies include reading, writing and watching movies. Her hope is to encourage others through her writing and to help them in their Christian walk.

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