I belong to Him
by Jennifer Cardinal

1 John 4:4

"But you belong to God, my dear children. You have already won a victory over those people, because the Spirit who lives in you is greater than the spirit who lives in the world."

The world tells me my worth is in my outside. Its based on my looks, how pretty I am, how physically in shape I am, or even as silly as my hair-do or how many followers I have on Twitter. Or it's in my skills, my talents, my giftings and abilities. It's what I do. Or better yet it's in my education, my profession, my income. It's what I have. Whether its how fit I am , how nice my home is, how successful I am or how educated I am , it is always a measurement of the outside.

It's what is inside that matter most, right?

But if I am truly honest with myself my inside can be ugly. Maybe that is why we want to be known for our outside. People can't see my insecurities, my jealousy, my anger, my resentment and I really don't want them to. But God can. And He does.

God tells me he knows all those parts of me but loves me anyhow. He sees my insides He sees it all. He doesn't love me for what I do or don't do, for what I think , for what I have or for any attribute at all He just loves me. So yes He is most interested in my inside but despite my inside he loves me anyhow.

He is pure. He is light. He is love. He invites me into His presence based on nothing. He Himself pays the penalty for me. I am forgiven of every wrongful deed , every sour thought, every bitterness, every betrayal, every lie, everything . everything.

This changes me it changes my insides. It humbles me. It makes me grateful. It makes me want to follow Him, pursue Him, and live my life for Him.

This is grace. This is God.

The world will still be there and I will often feel like I don't measure up according to it's standards. There will always be someone prettier, richer, slimmer, smarter but God tells me there is only one me , He created me , unique, special , and for a purpose His purpose.

And He loves me , even adores me.

I do not belong to the world I belong to Him.

And greater is He than that which is in the world.

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My family and I recently moved across the US from NV to CT.  This has brought about great change in our lives as well as in my own personal walk with God. I have re-discovered an old love of mine in this process - writing. I appreciate your feedback. Thanks for reading.  [email protected]

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