Christian Writing Speculative Style
by Vanessa Grossett

Speculative fiction is not a new writing genre; it consists of supernatural, fantastical, and futuristic elements. This type of writing is very popular within the secular industries; TV programmes like Supernatural, and Constantine have over one million views. Supernatural alone, is the longest TV series running. It's evident that people want to know about the world of the supernatural.

Sadly this type of writing isn't really popular within the Christian publishing industry. A publisher I pitched this type of work to, told me that it could cause confusion to readers. This astonished me, why? Well the Bible says ' For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.' Ephesians 6:12.

We know angels and other beings exist, we know we are in a spiritual warfare because the Bible tells us so. This is a genre that Christian publishers and readers alike shouldn't shy away from. The secular world are writing and filming greatly about this genre, leaving God out of the picture. Making Him look weak, and the human fighting these spirits in their own strength.

I interviewed author Jannette Fuller. I firstly asked, why she chose to write speculative fiction? Like most people, the otherworld fascinates me. It makes life more interesting when strange and unusual things happen things that cannot be explained. It also confirms my belief about the other dimension running parallel to ours.

Did you find it difficult to write about angels, since we know a little about them? Honestly, I don't. Ever since I was a young girl, I've experienced the supernatural. I wrote about them in my self published book, Do Spiritual Entities Exist? These were unpleasant experiences. However nowadays I have pleasant supernatural encounters, being a Christian God has been there for me in one ways than one.

Why do you think this type of genre, is important to write about? I think it's a creative way to bring truth, hope, inspiration, and confirmation to those who believe. And for those who don't, perhaps it'll plant seeds of curiosity to seek the truth without being too pushy or preachy. The Bible explains about other beings, and spiritual warfare. It is important for us not to shy away from these topics, as people's curiosity grows, as Christian's we can bring this topic to light without leaving Biblical explanations.

Well said Jannette, Christian's can bring this topic to light without leaving Biblical explanations. More than ever Christian Speculative fiction authors need to arise, and brethren we should not dismiss them, as the curiosity of the world is getting greater than before.

Jannette Fuller is the author of Persuasion, part of the Ambrosial Series.

To find out more about Jannette visit You can purchase her book on large online retailers such as Amazon

Vanessa Grossett is a Literary Agent, and contributing writer for multi award winning Keep The Faith Magazine. She is also Outstanding Business Woman Finalist of 2017, visit 

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