Figure 8 And You.
by Olawale Ogunsola

Figures are vital to human life and are worthy of considerations. One to consider here is FIGURE 8.

Let's consider its relevance to your life.

One day, a bus with one hundred passengers aboard was involved in a fatal accident and all the people were dead except eight persons who escaped unhurt.

As people were mourning the death of those who died, news was received that a city with a population of about five hundred inhabitants was suddenly infected with a deadly disease which had no known name. All the people of that city were killed except eight persons living in a small house in the city who escaped death.

It was a disaster for the city.

In the two instances above, you will find out that the number of people who escaped the two disasters is small. Only a remnant.

Now, if you were to be involved in any of these tragedies, where will you want to belong, those who did not escape or those who were saved? Certainly, I think, you will want to be among those who escaped the tragedies. The minority.

So, the Word of God is right to state "Do not join the multitude to do evil."

Now, think of the likely number of people during the time of Noah. Let us assume that the population was one million people.

Because of God's love for mankind, the Maker of Heaven and Earth sent Noah to warn people of his time of an impending danger, flooding.

They failed to heed his words because they continued doing evil things. They preferred to be in the majority because "Majority carry the vote".

They did not heed the instruction "to get ye out of them".

They loved eating, drinking, marrying and giving in marrriage. They were occupied with all pleasures of life. They abhorred anything that would end their wrong ways of life but they cherish everything about pleasures of life.

What happened when the flood finally arrived?

Those who did not heed Noah's warnings paid with their lives. Only EIGHT PERSONS were saved; and these were Noah and his family members. Read details in Genesis 7:1-24.

Ask yourself "If I were alive during the period, will I be among the EIGHT PERSONS?"

If in your city today God is looking for only EIGHT RIGHTEOUS PERSONS, are you qualified to be numbered among them?

Can you be counted worthy to be without faults? Examine your heart. This is not about religion but righteousness. It is about goodness.

There is an event that will take place soon; it will happen suddenly. Have you heard about it or not?

Let me inform/remind you that "the Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon."

Do you believe that the Lord is coming back again?

If yes, what are you doing to receive a good reward from Him? It is sad to note that many people will be occupied with controversies over whether or not the Lord is coming back until He comes suddenly.

By the time Jesus Christ appears suddenly, it will be too late for them to believe and turn away from their wrong ways.

If no, you know that death will claim your life one day. What preparations are you making towards that day? You cannot argue with death.

It is a must.

Is your relationship with your creator right? Do you have Jesus as your Lord and Savior? You need to regret over your misdeeds and turn away from all of them.

God loves you but hates your wrong way of living.

Turn to Him today. Belong to the minority today. Be among the group of eight persons who were saved and will be saved. Believe today, tomorrow may be too late.
Stay blessed and rapturable, the Lord is coming soon.

The Author is the set man of CTFM(WORLD OUTREACH)and Presiding Pastor of Christ Restland Gospel Church.He is a Poet and author of many books. Visit his blogsites and for more quality contents.

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