God's Upside Down Kingdom
by Jennifer Cardinal

God's upside down kingdom
It's not the way of this world
Down is up and up is down
We die to live
We suffer yet find joy
We surrender our will and find victory
We find freedom through sacrifice
We lead by serving
We find blessings as we give up our own way, our own rights
We give away and become rich
We love our enemy
We go the hard way yet find rest and peace
We get lost yet find our way
Down is up and up is down
It's not the way of this world
This is God's upside down kingdom

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My family and I recently moved across the US from NV to CT.  This has brought about great change in our lives as well as in my own personal walk with God. I have re-discovered an old love of mine in this process - writing. I appreciate your feedback. Thanks for reading.  [email protected]

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