Daily Testament
by Patricia Wilson

My life is a testimony to God. Daily, He affirms His love for my family and me. I am grateful for the health and energy He provides me so I am able to complete my work each day. I will not complain about the housework or yardwork, because the Lord has given us a nice home. I will not complain about preparing the meals or washing the dishes, because our bellies are full. I will not complain about doing the laundry, because we have clothes to wear. I will not complain about work, because so many others do not have a job.

Instead of complaining, I want to thank God by being grateful for a full life. My family and I have been blessed by His promises because we live our lives according to our Master's approval. Any problems that arise are His plans to keep us close to Him. Realizing this has made our faith and bond stronger with our Father.

His plan is perfect and I will not stray from His love. I want my gratitude to be my testimony.

Every day we face trials, danger and possible death. Because of Him, we are survivors. He sacrificed His Son so we may live. He has pulled each of us from death's grasp; therefore, I praise Him. I have seen His glory at work on many occasions. Both of my sons would have died - one during birth and one during mid-pregnancy - without His awesome intervention. My mother would have died twice from stomach bleeds had He not prevented it. In amazing twists of fate, money has arrived when we needed it the most. He protects us on our daily journeys. The list is endless.

The Almighty and His Son have visited me with related messages in two separate dreams recently. I am blessed to be called upon by the Most High to deliver His divine message. He is Holy, Creator and All-Glorious. I will obey and serve so that those who will listen will be as blessed as I have been, and also to once more display my gratitude for all He has done for my family and me.

God knows our needs in advance of problems and He is already working for us before we are aware of them. Each day is a new lesson in His love, and that love will deliver us through each day. God is the "perfect" we all seek in our lives.

Patricia is a Christian wife, mother and daughter. She is the author of the e-book and corresponding blog--Women Making Time for God. You can visit the following link for frequent blog updates: http://womenmakingtimeforgod.blogspot.com/.

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com


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