Truth and Trash
by Ramona Cook

"I've been looking through that trash," said the woman in the white dress. So I responded quickly, "Well, is there truth in that trash?"

If we are not all looking for truth, we should be.

As with most situations the answer to the question is probably yes and no.

There are two possible scenarios; one, we have definitely trashed Truth in this Nation and World for a long time, so one might expect to find Truth in the trash.

Secondly, some are looking for truth in the trash heaps of theory, which might contain no truth.

We are looking to philosophies, news reports, Science Sayers, and now Stephen Hawking is searching the Solar system to find Extra-Terrestrials to bring us some answers for our lives; I read that he said he had not found God in the Universe in all of his scientific studies; does he now think he will find something like himself? How could they be more brilliant than he, since they have not already found him? Stephen Hawking is in my prayers, that he may find the God Who already knows him.

But, could it be that there is a similarity in this search, for finding truth in another, but not unheard of form; one that the scientists of naysayers tell us does not exist?

We have had ETs on the Earth; we have ETs on the Earth now. No? So what do you call the Angels of God and the Demons of Hell? What do you call the God/Man Jesus? Certainly He was human, but God on the inside. He now goes between Earth and Heaven, as do the Angels. Is that not the definition of ETs? Is it not "beings coming to earth from outer spaces?"

Be informed: where there is the True, there could be the False. That is why we are told to "test the spirits" to see whether they are of God.

I John 4:1: "Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world." *BlueLetterBible

The time is now for Truth to stand tall so that Justice may fill the Earth. The time is now to recognize God and His ministering angels for who they are and what they do.

Mother Nature is a hoax idea used to take away from recognizing the works of God. Not Mother Nature, but Father God, keeps the Earth running smoothly and intervenes with miracles whenever He chooses, and when the faith of mortals call out to Him for help with those things that are impossible to them. Let us now recapture that Truth from the trash.

What other truths have been discarded into the Trash Can of the Inconvenient and the No Longer Applicable?

Why is truth ever considered "inconvenient?" Perhaps because it appears restrictive, it would be called inconvenient. But is there any way to live life without restrictions called civil laws or organization?

Really there is not; and so we have formed laws to rather restrict the Truth so that injustice may be the Law, the norm, without it being called injustice.

I see the P Shape Person; a proverbial human form, distorted in shape, bent over into a P Shape, with its head fixed firmly inside its own anus, complaining about how stinky and mean the world is; I wonder why those P Shape People think that? Those persons say they are looking for Truth, but they are looking inside themselves, where Truth is not found.

"We've got to free people from these religious notions," they say. "The world is different now and the old does not fit the new." They use the Trash Can of "No Longer Applicable," The truth is that the only new thing here is me and you, and the world won't work right for us if we try to change it; it's Laws are fixed.

By the time the new people of earth have learned that they cannot alter what is fixed, they too soon fade away into the next world, and the yet again new inhabitants try to alter the rules, yet again.

We fail to learn from history. We refuse to learn from history. We cannot learn from history because we are not sensitive to the fact that the group before us was as we are, and so was each group before them all the way back to Adam's Group; we do not understand that the current WE are of the same groups, people do not change.

All that supports our lives is old, old, old.

Nothing has changed but some new technologies, and if they were all suddenly taken away, we would continue to survive by the same old, old, old methods. We may be without electricity, but we would not be without light, because the Sun, Moon, and Stars, which Father God created to give us light would continue to be in place, doing what they have done for all of the years of mankind's existence.

The Bible, an Old Book, is the place to find Truth. I can say that with confidence because incidents and situations that were prophesied thousands of years ago are coming to pass this very day, many of them for the first time. Hundreds of those prophesy's have already been fulfilled, exactly as foretold. Hum; who dictated that Book? What makes Him know the end from the beginning?

Could it be we should pay attention to what He has to say? Maybe, in Truth, we need to stand up straight and look at the facts, remove our heads from the dark recesses, and become people of intelligence, as we were created to be.

Conclusion: do not accept the UNTRUTH that everything is going to h-e-double hockey sticks in a hand basket; it is not!

The same God Who was, and is, and ever shall be, is really in charge; He is King, Ruler, Creator of the Universe, He will make it all just right.

Truth will stand tall, and Justice will prevail. Just watch it happen!

Ramona: 07/26/2015

Ramona,  Master in Ministry Arts, BA in Biblical Studies, I am an Ordained Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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