Prayers from Poems( 3)Suffering falls on All
by Fenny West

Suffering falls on both the good and the bad
Causing discomfort and pain that is sad
But He Who allows knows what is the best
That can only come through tempest or test.

Going through the fire ruffles but refines
But the grace to pass comes from the Great Vine
His Word comforts, strengthens, reveals His mind
For us to keep calm and His solace find.

Job suffered, endured and was promoted;
Paul, beaten, imprisoned, but mightily used.
Jesus- the Righteous- was crucified but glorified
So you and I will suffer since we're justified.

"O Lord, help me stand strong with a song
With a character, shinning and not wrong
Teach me to hold Your hand, see through Your eyes.
Lord, hear my call, hear my prayers, hear my cries."

My saviour suffered yet without sin, setting the example for me to follow. Therefore, regardless of what I see or feel, I know my redeemer lives. After He has refined me, I shall come forth like gold and like Job of old. When you ruffle my feathers, it is to enable me to fly. When you disturb my cocoon and cage, it is to enable me to rise above worldly, personal and satanic limitations and open my eyes to a new horizon of freedom.

Lord, I am convinced that You are upright and righteous in all of Your ways and so I yield to You and see beyond the natural and acknowledge that You are working in me to work through me. I believe and confess that the good work You have begun in me, You will bring to fruition.
Grant me the grace, O Lord, to persevere and hold on to the end. Help me to use every lemon that life throws at me to make lemonade that will sweeten the lives of others and bring glory and joy to You. I refuse to call any pity party or resort to cynicism, bitterness or the pointing of the finger. My Lord is good all the time!
Your grace is sufficient for me. In weakness Your strength will be made perfect. Tribulation shall build the character of God in me, forge patience, trigger productivity and creativity and You will be glorified.

Yeah! I know the fire
shall bring His desire
as I rise from the mire
to the place fore-ordained
for he redeemed of the Lord.

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