by Ramona Cook

At this present time our Nation is experiencing a replay of II Kings 18: 17 - 19:5

Let it be, O Lord, that we as Americans experience the like deliverance as did King Hezekiah and the Jews.

It is interesting that in the beginning of these threats against Jerusalem that Hezekiah sent a message to the Prophet Isaiah requiring Isaiah to entreat God in Israel's behalf. This is an example of entreating the organized Church and the Leadership to pray.

Isaiah did pray and God spoke to him. Isaiah sent a return message to the King saying that the Lord promises victory.

However, the threats from the Assyrians kept coming and finally a written threat came to Hezekiah which he took to the House of God and spreading the pages out before the Lord, he made intersession himself for himself and his people. His prayer was simple and forthright. This is an example of personal petition to God.

God answered the prayers of everyone in the way God always answers prayer when we humble ourselves before Him and are honoring Him. He totally destroyed the Assyrians by an Angel of the Lord.

God has ways and means to overcome all who oppose Him and to protect His people.

For all the information on this incident of history, read II Kings, 18 -19.

There is a requisite for this type of confidence in prayer and it is one that many of the pulpits of the Church at large have avoided: we must know that there is only One True God and all that things are to be judged according to His Standards.

When we are looking to God as our Protector and Provider, as we are honoring Him with obedience and humility, He will show Himself strong; then we will see that everything that calls itself powerful is no more than a puff of air compared to Him.

We, by historical information and faith in the Living God, become enabled to proceed with living life unafraid and in confidence.

There is history to say,
"God is the Winner every day."

Nothing has changed!
God remains as
God has always been.

Let us NOW humbly appeal to Him;
then watch, as He wins.

Ramona: 11/20/2015

Ramona,  Master in Ministry Arts, BA in Biblical Studies, I am an Ordained Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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