Chicken Even A Vulture Wouldn't Eat
by Chad Nedland

So there I sat eating one of the worst chicken dinners I had ever tasted from a major Super Store. I had eaten this same chicken dinner at multiple stores all across the country and I realized something... they were always bad! Okay, I understand it sounds ridiculous that I would keep getting it, but I happen to like the General Tzo's Chicken Entree! I am always hoping, "Today will be the day. Today, I will be served what I am ordering." Sadly, to date, I have been wrong.

Back to the point, I started to question,"Why is it that this national chain with standard ingredients, the same standard recipe, and the same standard process- can't seem to provide the same dish anywhere in the country? I mean really, is it simply that hard to follow directions?"

That is when God did it to me again...

"Why is it: with the same Bible, my son who lived life's example the same for everyone, and died on the cross for every sin equally... my people seem to be able to teach thousands of different beliefs. They prioritize sin into categories that make one greater or lesser than another. They scatter truth in whatever fashion that seems to fit their tastes and then incorporate their local culture to draw in others just like them. Then they sit back and complain that they are not seeing the same results as those who have gone before and followed my standard of living?"

When we begin to start teaching a comfortable gospel we begin to miss the simplicity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We begin to look at levels and categories. We point out the "major" sins that we oppose and ignore the "minor" sins in our lives like gossip, idleness, unforgiving nature and pride. There is no discrepancy between any of them through the lens of God.

If you have told a white lie, you are as a murderer or pedophile. If you have coveted your neighbor's car, you are as a homosexual. In the same light, if you are a murdering pedophile you are no worse than your neighbor who told a white lie. If you practice homosexuality you are no worse than I am when I harbor anger towards my friend who wronged me.

Through the lens of God, sin is a sin, you have missed the mark of living a life as He would desire for you. We have tainted the perfect delicacy of God love and His Word with a personal ideology that threatens the very word of our testimony. We must turn back to the simplicity of the Gospel.

God said it, that's it, end of discussion!

We must adapt a simple understanding that it is not our job to interpret the Word of God. It is our job to study it, meditate upon it, and allow Holy Spirit to give us understanding and wisdom through it. Let not your own mind fashion the meaning of God through your earthly wisdom, but let the wisdom of God flow through Holy Spirit to fill your spirit with life.

Published author and speaker, Chad Nedland continues to minister and serve in communities and churches as God leads he and his family throughout United States fo America. Ask him to come speak to your church or group at

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