'Pharisee-like' Faith
by Femi Onabanjo

Text: Matthew 9 : 32 - 34

The Pharisees, like the multitudes, followed Jesus almost everywhere He went. They were always on hand to witness His miracles and hear His Words. They even came to Him often with their questions but for a much different reason. Their objective was not to learn at His feet or to glorify God for His mighty works. In fact they were not really interested in the content of His answers beyond looking for a way to entangle Him in His words (Matt. 22:15). And in spite of the many miracles that took place before their eyes, they chose to see things in a different light. While others rejoiced and believed in Jesus, the Pharisees chose instead to doubt. They even went as far as attributing His healing power to the devil (Matt. 9:34). Such depraved thinking, you might say.

But is this not the way we sometimes express our own faith? Like the Pharisees, we wear ourselves out trying to question God, analysing His instructions, looking for theological loop holes or simply attempting to find explanations for the miraculous. All the while, we are missing the bigger picture. People are getting saved, others healed and still many more receiving answers to prayer by simply taking Jesus at His Word and acting on His instructions the same instructions we have been griping about. Naaman, the leper, because of such an attitude almost lost his opportunity to be healed. If not for the timely intervention of his servants who helped correct his thinking, his situation would have remained unchanged (2 Kings 5:9-14).

God's Word is not to be analysed. It is simply to be received in faith and obeyed. Decide today to exchange your 'Pharisee-like' faith for genuine faith faith that takes the Master at His Word; faith that receives answers and proves God to be a rewarder of those who truly seek Him.

Lord, fill me with true faith that produces results. Amen

Femi is a Christian who desires to be fruitful for God. He wants to contribute to the growth of the Kingdom and to this end, it is his joy to freely share whatever the Lord lays on his heart for the benefit of others.

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