Rodent Community Expands Ministry
by Greg Miller

By Greg Miller 2016

Mitch the Church Mouse fully loved the Sovereign Lord.

Mitch's mate, March, was a suitable helper to him in all aspects of his ministry. The couple consistently visited many of the rodents in the large community surrounding the church.

"God has entrusted all the mice in this area to our care," Mitch explained to March. "Just as God called Pastor Marvin to serve as the minister to the humans in our church, He has called us to serve the mice."

Mitch and Marge knew their church's members had spiritual needs, but they also realized the congregation had an abundance of other circumstances that needed to be changed. The couple led the congregation in starting a ministry designed to meet those needs: A food pantry, paying utilities, and help in paying the local rodent physicians and purchasing medicine for needy rodent families, etc.

Madge was among those mice receiving free cheese from the ministry. A disabled widow, Madge was unable to work.

A younger mouse, Monroe worked hard to provide for his family, but Monroe's salary wasn't big enough to pay all the bills. The ministry stepped in and supplied the resources required to meet all of the family's needs.

Millie, another younger mouse, had been laid off from her job as quality control inspector at the local cheese processing plant. While Millie faithfully searched for a new job, the ministry helped buy her groceries.

"I'm glad you sensed the Lord leading us to start this ministry," March told Mitch. "It's having a huge impact on the entire community."

Indeed, as word about the ministry spread, more and more mice began seeking assistance from the ministry, as well as attending the worship services.

Moses was among that group of mice. The ministry provided much needed assistance in Moses and his family replenishing their bare cupboard with cheese. The family joined the church and excitedly began participating in the ministry's outreach.

The ministry began growing so rapidly that the available mouse power was not enough to minister to the entire metropolitan area of mice.

After being mentored by Mitch for a few months, Moses said he believed the Lord was calling him to begin a new branch of the ministry to the under-served part of the community.

Although it was hard for Moses to explain to his mentor God's call on his life, Moses explained the holy encounter this way: "It was sort of like when God spoke to the Moses of the Bible out of the burning bush that wasn't being consumed."

"You mean God spoke to you out of a burning bush?"

"No, it was more like I was standing too close to a nearby firecracker that exploded, but I still got the message loud and clear!"

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By Greg Miller  2018

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