City Traffic
by PamFord Davis

We are a people on the go and when traffic slows to a crawl we are easily perturbed. Mentally, I usually blame the slow down on construction or a vehicle accident ahead. In one particular traffic jam, neither was correct.

My husband was behind the wheel in the outskirts of Birmingham, Alabama. Calmly, he surveyed our surroundings and saw nothing of significance in the immediate area. Our senses were alerted to the sound of a helicopter flying overhead. We both thought the worst; it was a life flight chopper sent to carry the injured from an accident to a hospital.

Our assumptions were unfounded. Approaching an intersection, we viewed a long black limousine escorted by law officers on motorcycles. A person of notoriety was in the city and traffic was slowed for his or her protection.

That evening our mystery was solved; an anchor on the evening news shared the story of US Vice President, Dick Cheney's speaking event in Birmingham.

Jesus' entrance into Israel's capital city differed greatly. He rode a donkey.

"Then Jesus, when He had found a young donkey, sat on it; as it is written:
'Fear not, daughter of Zion;
Behold, your King is coming,
Sitting on a donkey's colt (John 12:14-15 NKJ)." *

{*See Zechariah 9:9}

Devotionals are her first love in writing. Published articles in Mature Living Magazine, Devotions for the Deaf, The Secret Place, Light from the Word, Coosa Journal, With God Daily, Mary Hollingsworth's The One Year Devotional of Joy and Laughter.

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