Stricter Judgment and Greater Reward: A James 3:1-6 Devotional
by Gail Davis

James had a lot to say about Christian teachers/pastors/leaders in James chapter 3. This chapter should challenge all Christian workers to make sure they lead according to God's pattern and will. These leaders (teachers and pastors) will be judged with a stricter justice.
It is time for each Christian worker to stop, take stock of what you are saying, ensure it is a word from the Lord, and is theologically sound. If you lead just to receive fame and increase your following, and do not prepare the day's teaching strictly from God's Word, your judgment will be greater and more strict.
God's Christian worker is like the bit in the horse's mouth or the rudder on a ship. Be careful how you lead the people (the horse and ship) so that the winds of the thoughts of the time do not slant your teaching to be even slightly skewed from the Word of God. Be strong in the face of persuasion not to fall victim to the teachings of secular society and embrace what they say and water down the truth of God. Even though you are just a small part of the body of Christ, like the tongue, your words and teachings can cause a raging fire that destroys God's people and Christ's church. You will be held accountable to a stricter judgment.
Be warned of God's stricter judgment. Be faithful to God and His Word. Carefully teach and guide His children, His church. Your reward will be great in heaven. Press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus (Philippians 3:14 [NASB])
Gail Davis is a Baptist missionary to South Africa and writes for her own site

Gail Suratt Davis was born in the American mid-south. She has been a Christian 39 years. God called her and her husband to missionary service. They have served in South Africa for over 16 years. She has written over 260 Bible studies and devotionals. Read them at. 

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