Just June?
by PamFord Davis

Hooray, it's June!

I jog my memory.

Mycenae, New York, USA.

In early June, we began the countdown to summer vacation.

"Then He spoke to them a parable: 'Look at the fig tree, and all the trees. When they are already budding, you see and know for yourselves that summer is now near (Luke 21:29-30 NKJ)."

Soon, 'no more pencils, no more books'

Neighborhood children roamed freely during daylight hours.

We climbed hills, explored in the apple orchard and rode our bikes to the Big Rock.

Friends followed a well traversed path to the old log cabin.

We played outdoor games of hide n' seek, red rover and dodge ball. After the clearing of the apple orchard, a vacant lot was transformed into the Mycenae baseball field.

I went on family picnics at Green Lakes State Park, Chittenango Falls and Pratt's Falls.

We carried our roller skates and skateboards to the first paved driveway in the neighborhood. Today, I appreciate my Uncle Wallace for allowing us to skate there; many places forbid that now.

When given permission (and at times, without) we waded and swam the frigid cold waters of the crick. On less frequent occasions, we went to Green Lakes, New Woodstock pond, Verona Beach or Gypsy Beach.

There were demonstrations of athletic ability by the frivolous. We rolled down a small grassy hill in my yard, did summersaults and stood on our heads. On one occasion, my cousin Kenny walked on his hands. Amazing!

During early evenings, we gathered fire flies in glass jars. Before bedtime, we gazed at the stars. The fun was not over. I had girlfriends to spend the night with, or they stayed with me.

Just June?

Nothing extraordinary?

Just a page on the calendar?

Jog your memory

"The memory of the righteous is blessed (Proverbs 10:7 NKJ)."

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