Four Steps Towards A Perfect Miracle
by Olawale Ogunsola

A miracle is an occurrence that may defy every human logic or reasoning. This is an evidence that God is always God-the Creator of All things. That is why every believer can boldly declare his faith in the Lord thus,
"....with God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26b.

It is worthy of note that anyone who wants what man cannot do needs to be aware of these four important steps:
1. Willingness. The first step is your willingness to accept the miracle. This is in two parts.
A. Desire it. A miracle calls for desiring it. If you are willing to welcome the changes it will bring into your life, you are on the way to receive it. Know what you really want. Pray in specific terms. This was the case with two blind men who approached Jesus for mercy. Jesus knew that they could not see with their eyes but He asked them,
"What do you want me to do for you?" Matthew 20:32.

To receive a miracle, can you answer such a simple but profound question? What was the answer from those blind men?
"Lord, that our eyes may be opened." verse 33.
This encouraged Jesus Christ to act according to their desire because "Jesus had compassion and touched their eyes. And immediately their eyes received sight." verse 34.

Do you know that it is not every blind man that wants his sight restored? Let me give you an example:
At a crusade ground, many years ago, a blind man was around to beg for alms. The man of God who was the Minister in charge went and prayed for him to recover his lost sight. This was so, immediately. Halleluia to the Lord who answers prayers! What followed was astonishing. While people around were happy and glorified God for His wonderful works in the man's life, he was weeping and begging the man of God to restore his blindness because it was his only source of livelihood. Every effort to convince him proved abortive.
Be willing and desire your miracle..

B. Pay the right price. Be willing to pay for your miracle which you desire. No matter how you look at it, every miracle has its costs. No matter how little it might be. Are you ready to pay it? For instance, it may cost you faith to receive it. In the case of the man who was unwilling to be healed of blindness, he paid a certain price. He only cheated himself. What was the price he paid? AVAILABILITY! He. Was available to be healed. He was at the right place at the right time. The miracle was not received in his room. Pay the price for your miracle.

2. Obedience. Closely related to one (b) above, is your determination to obey whatever the Lord commands you to do. This may be according to what is written in the Holy Bible or a specific instructions that does not contradict the Scriptures to receive your miracle. For instance, the specific instructions to the man who was blind from his birth was,
"Go, wash in the pool of Siloam." John 9:1-7.
He obeyed and was healed.
Therefore, diligently obey the voice of the Lord your God to observe carefully His commandments. Deut. 2 8:1

3. Arrival. If you take the first two steps, what follows will be arrival of your miracle. Isaiah 1:19 declares,
"If you are willing and obedient,
You shall eat the good of the land."
This is equivalent to" If you are willing and obedient, you shall receive your desired miracle." The first two steps heralds the arrival of your miracle.

4. Appreciation and declaration. When the miracle comes, you must appreciate it and declare it so. Show your gratitude to the One who showed you compassion by granting your request. Praise God who has done what man cannot do for you. Appreciating God's goodness and faitjfulness is a seal on your miracle. It will be perfect and permanent. The miracle Worker will watch over the miracle, the work of His hands.

In the story of the ten lepers who were healed, only one came back to give glory to the Lord. Jesus Christ sealed his miracle with,
"Arise, go your way, your faith has made you well."Luke 17:19.
Stay blessed and rapturable because the Lord is coming soon.

The Author is the set man of CTFM(WORLD OUTREACH)and Presiding Pastor of Christ Restland Gospel Church.He is a Poet and author of many books. Visit his blogsites and for more quality contents.

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