by sana edoja

A year of victory in Jesus

This year was particularly challenging. I went back to school to enrol in career counselling. It was particularly challenging as I doubted that I could ever make it to the end. It was a tough year of work placements and learning. God helped me through it by remembering how Israel trusted in God and got victory over their countless enemies.

God gave me confidence in speaking my opinions. I learnt how to love and accept myself unconditionally. I learnt how to get respect from others. I spoke to people when I felt badly spoken. I forgave them when they mistreated me. I grew past my emotions and believed that I was a worthy person.

I prayed a lot in order to commit all my ways unto God. I rebuked all negative thoughts of failure. I felt stronger day after day. God really strengthened me as I dwelt into His beautiful presence. I passed my exam with honours. God gave me the victory when I tried to enrol for this course in career counselling since 2012. God gave me the victory!!!

I also got my ceiling repaired by my tenant. He had previously told me that I had to repair it at my own cost.

I got the money to repair my car that had broken down. So many challenges overcome by the power of Jesus Christ.


Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com


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