by Eugene Lopatynsky

The defense of marriage begins by (A) fallowing defensive stratagems long before marriage, followed by (B) defensive planning during marriage with (C) special program to defend the kids.

I'll bet no marrying PASTOR ever showed you this, and he should have- if he seriously wanted your marriage to survive. But he did show you a fat bill (for "supposed services"), no?

How can you make divorce very unattractive for a rebel?

Article Contents:
1) "The Root and the Fruit" of disaster. A long, lamenting, verbose introduction. Skip it if you want to.
2) Defensive strategies long before marriage
3) Your defense and planning during marriage
4) Protecting your kids
5) Main vulnerabilities
6) Do our "betters" have comparable family problems?
7) Appendix


Will this article be the most unpopular, politically incorrect, writing of the year?

God instituted the authority of parents and OBLIGATION of corporal discipline over children. Obviously, Satan and his crowd will hate that to pieces!

God instituted JUST AUTHORITY of the husband over his wife; by force and by law, as necessary. Would you believe that Satan's darlings will oppose it with all their might?

The will of God, the LAW OF GOD, was the authority, by force or even death, over the husband himself. The enforcement was physical; punishments were physical, there were no stupid divorces, neither were there jails or hotels for crooks.

The breaking of any of God's great, FUNDAMENTAL LAWS, upon the testimony of 2 or more witnesses, was immediately repaid by execution. Not to do this meant POLLUTION OF THE ENTIRE COUNTRY! False witnesses were to share the same penalty.

Our chances of reversing current SATANIC trends, BEFORE Christ comes back to remove these Devils, is zilch! It's not going to happen.


"If you want peace, prepare for war". Ever hear that? This applies double to marriage. More than half of the nation is divorced and nobody prepared ahead for disaster?


(A) Investigate your partner and
(B) Prepare all prenuptial contracts, well BEFORE marriage.


Looking to buy a car, you try to avoid a disastrous, USED BY MANY clunker, guaranteed to fail you forever; no? You examine and test the car? Then why enter marriage blindly, possibly (or probably), joining yourself to a devil? Which is more important, the car or your life? Of almost equal danger is a history psychosis (like schizophrenia) in spouses' family. These things are often inheritable and when they manifest themselves in later middle age can be equally destructive. Take a good look at parents and ancestors. Inheritance is exceedingly real. An apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Two hundred years ago the parents selected wisely - for you. Today, YOU "select" (what should be a life's faithful partner) by looking for cheap and rapid sex. A 'couple' goes together, gets used to each other and the biological trap closes in a type of 'marriage', which you would have never contemplated inside a nightmare.

The Devils replaced parental and societal protection with an effective, promoted, biological, obscene LUST- TRAP.

(2A) Investigate your partner before marriage, better still, before serious courting.

Marriage with a pagan, hippy, degenerate (boy or girl) was and is biblically absolutely forbidden. Exclude addicts like poison. INVESTIGATE the partner, thoroughly, before any commitment. The man must be obedient to the Law of God, before marriage, before the wife can be totally obedient to him.

How can you know a man, or a woman? The first step is "by their fruit", their works, and also the "friends" they keep, all studied carefully over a (sufficient) period. You must investigate well. Send your kinfolk, or friends, to befriend "their" friends (or even their enemies!), or hire detectives. Every cent spent may save thousands of dollars (and tons of pain) later on!

(2B) Get all prenuptial contracts prepared and executed well before marriage.

Eliminate the incentive of profit arising from divorcing you, and you will usually eliminate all probability of divorce.

If lawyers are too expensive, get experienced paralegal help to prepare and execute all the prenuptial documents. Have a lawyer check them, if you like. Protect the property you hold before marriage and all you acquire thereafter, including future pension. Stipulate that your money and property cannot be used to pay lawyers against you. Insist that the opposing lawyers cannot place a lien against your property.

This is a private contract. Prepared by paralegals, this used to cost about two to three hundred dollars. If enforced, this will not leave a great incentive to rob you with divorce. May be you will remain married! Especially if the rebel partner doesn't work and depends on you for everything!

There is a curious case of a man trying to DEFEND AGAINST ALL LITIGATION, not just divorce. It is based on existing laws for partnerships. One partner (Partner A) legally owns nothing but he is the only one empowered to make all legal decisions regarding the property- he is the only one in full control over all assets. The other partner (Partner B) owns everything, but has no control over these assets, permanently, whatsoever.

You, (Partner A), cannot really be suit because you own nothing. What could they collect? Make anybody, (say, your mother) to be Partner B. She can't be suit because she's not responsible for your "delictos". There are actually legal ways to block every action against either partner. If interested take it up with lawyers. This venue might be somewhat costly to prepare.


18."Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as it is fit in the Lord".
Like that? The Bible builds conduct.
For God's laws for husbands, wives and children consult www.remnantonly.info Discipling Bible Studies. You will need it! This article is getting too voluminous as it is.

If both of you are Christians, you can see that the BIBLE IS YOUR GREATEST ALLY IN MARRIAGE.


Kids are lost primarily through Satan's ideologies (like "Evolution") and temptations, which they encounter at school, internet, TV or through BAD FRIENDS. If you can't watch them and share almost everything with kids, including your own work, you'll lose them, Old Boy.

If you really love your children, then HOME SCHOOL them! Never send them to the government's Sodom and Gomorrah. All materials are readily available from Christian sources. No great education is needed for parents at all; all the materials and test answers are provided to parents. Two hours of home schooling is equivalent to 10 or more hours at any government school. This way you have your children at home, where you can still protect them, loving and helping and sharing. Share your time, your holidays, and if possible, even your work, with the kids. They will remember this forever.

WORK teaches respect for authority, discipline, responsibility, obedience, being on time, and is a vital educational tool. We are made to carry a LOAD from the very beginning. This is why a devil government would outlaw child labor altogether. On a ranch, kids of 2 - 3 years old would start by feeding the chickens it would entrance the kids!

They grow up so rapidly and you will have them for such a short while! Tell them YOU LOVE THEM and throw your self-esteem to the devil, where it belongs. Prepare to home school your kids until university and immunize them against idiotic evolution, whoredom, Luciferian "laws", and satanic "friends" long before they start university.

Read in www.remnantonly.info (under "Population Containment") what the (now) compulsory "VACCINES" can do to your children! These are an extremely serious, deadly threat. Look up the reference.

The children must be obedient to NOT TO ANY GOVERNMENT DEVILS but to their parents. The enforcement was physical. In the past, all punishments in the realm were physical, no stupid jails or hotels for crooks.

A Christian School is a less effective alternative, but far more expensive.

If, in spite of everything, you land in a divorce court, consider two things. If the evil partner gets custody of kids you'll probably lose the kids (to Satan) and inherit an obligation of support up to 18 years of age. (That is if you have traceable, sufficient income). This may also mean support for your ex and her new lover. Your kids will grow to hate you; they don't grow well within a destroyed family. The non-evil partner should plan to obtain custody of the kids. This matter you must consider in your planning ahead of time.

Keep in mind that lawyers, as a rule, never work for you. They work for THEMSELVES. The longer and the more painful the divorce, the greater the profit for these dear "lawyers". Never assume beforehand that these lawyers are on your side, even though you pay them. Never expect them to try to save your disintegrating marriage! That would be expecting a fisherman to abandon his big fish!

(5) WHERE LIE THE MAIN VULNERABILITIES? What are some of the chronic, wide spread problems?

My auto mechanic, long ago, would complain about his disastrous experience with women, saying (to everybody), "you can't live with them--- and you can't live without them"! I am not quite sure I want to think this one out. What would you say?

Out of each 10 applications for divorce, seven or eight (of the ten) come from the wives, the divorce being originated and pushed by women! After that, the women can and do exert all the power of the WHOLE GOVERNMENT against the husband, against his authority over the family and against his property; HA! Even against his freedom and future livelihood!

Once" freed of you", but not of your money, they usually commence an era of incredible whoredom, in front of the kids, which would shame a professional prostitute. You think I am only kidding?

Instead of defending the righteous obligations and rights and private property of the husband, the new Luciferian laws simply eliminate the husband as head of the family, even forbid the husband to protect himself, his family, kids or his property. Parents are forbidden to discipline their children! This has never happened before in all the history of mankind! What do you suppose the Devils will be planning and implementing next?

Most certainly, the most important and effective defense starts well before marriage.

Observing current history and today's marriage laws, all enduring, personal trust must be considered idiotic. The "perilous times", of 2 Tim. 3: 1-5, are now all around us. There are NO easy solutions. To close your eyes and just hope is crazy.

Look up the above passage in 2 Timothy, if you don't remember it.

6) Do our "betters" have comparable family problems?

I omitted this chapter in earlier publications. Even now not much can be published. Our Betters have their own ways of dealing with family problems, even family innuendos.
Do you remember the name of Marilyn Monroe? What happened to her? How about Jane Mansfield? How many bigwigs wanted to keep those two silent?

And what would you think about Grace Kelly, the Princess of Monaco, and about whatever happened to her? Or, later, what about Princess Athena, within the Royal Family of England? Now, what happened to her? Spectacular remedies are actually not needed at all if millions of people do not ask, "Were is she?" Other unknown people just disappear without a ripple at all. Curious, that all these were automobile accidents. No? Somebody does not have much imagination?

Nevertheless, don't get any ideas about the ways of your Betters. They own and control the FBI, CIA (or equivalent) and the Police, and you don't. More ever, you are a Christian, a moral person, they are not.

(7) Appendix

Continuous study of the Bible, by the whole family, is the very best protection for your marriage, in this whole world; better believe it!

The Bible is a love story; written with blood, upon a wooden cross; the story of God's love for you.

Men are not lost because they are sinners; they are lost because they have rejected Jesus who died for them. The ultimate treasure is not creation, it is the Creator. Any CONCEIVABLE sacrifice in this world is worthwhile just to find Jesus and to belong to Him!


If you do this, and mean it, with an open heart, this prayer will never fail. It will become the greatest thing you will ever have, and it will last forever. After this, check out the guide in "How to read the Bible and clean up your life" in www.remnantonly.info. It's made for you.

Not the messenger, only the message is important. Please visit www.remnantonly.info for a surprise.

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