Sheep are #1
by Karen White

Did you know that sheep were mentioned hundreds of times in the Bible? In fact, sheep were written about in the Bible more than any other animal, probably due to two reasons. Raising sheep was a big business for the Hebrew people, and sheep were also symbolic referring to God's people. Therefore, biblically sheep are important.

Not only are sheep mentioned a lot in the Bible but some of the most well-known bible characters were shepherds. Let's look at a few. In Genesis 4, Able brought the fatty part of the meat from his lambs as an offering to the Lord. Able, the son of Adam and Eve raised sheep. Abraham (Genesis 21) was also a shepherd as well as Lot (Genesis 13), Isaac (Genesis 26), Moses (Exodus 2), and David (1 Samuel 17) just to name a few. Being a shepherd however was not limited to men, Genesis 29 tells us that Rachel also took care of her father's sheep therefore she was a shepherdess. And let's not forget that the shepherds were informed by an angel when Jesus was born. Yep, sheep those soft wooly animals that God created on the sixth day of creation are indeed important animals.

In fact, sheep are so important to the Lord that Jesus is referred to as the good Shepherd (John 10:11) and the Lamb of God (John 1:29). What is the responsibility of the shepherd? A shepherd is responsible for the welfare of the sheep. He makes sure the sheep have food, water, and shelter. The shepherd also protects his sheep from harm. Isn't that what Jesus does for us?

Jesus is also called the Lamb of God. A lamb is a baby or offspring of a sheep and Jesus is the son of God. Therefore, He is referred to as the Lamb of God. I think that if one rated animals in the bible sheep would be #1.

Karen is a Christian wife, mother, and grandmother.  She is a retired teacher who now spends her time reading and writing.

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