Spending time in God'presence
by sana edoja

Your life will change forever if each day, you get into the habit of sharing your burdens with God. You will experience an amazing transformation of your soul, body and mind. You will get peace in your heart, soul and mind.

My friend used to tell me: A problem shared is half solved. I used to suffer from anxiety and depression. I learnt how to tell my big Father God what bothered me. He always shows me my problems and gives me the solution when I speak to HIm. He is my best friend!!!

I now feelsomuch happier in my life. Sometimes, I found the solutions to my problems by reading my bible. God leads me to read stories of persons having gone through the same troublesI'm experiencing. I'm learning through the help they received from God.

God is the answer to your problems!!! He is full of compassion and is always ready to help you. If you are doing good or bad things? God wants toto fix your mess!!!All you need to do is call out to Him for help!!!

God wants to be thefather you never had!!! You don't know Him!!! He wants you to builda personal relationship with you!!!He wants to heal you, provide for you, and fix all the emotional, spiritual and mental problems you are experiencing. Human beings can't always help you!!! God can do the impossible for those who trust in Him. God wants to be your everything!!! He is not a human being as to be unfaithful or to let you down!!! He is the God that created the universe.

He is not man made, a statue or and idol. Hesent Jesus Christ to save the world from sins. He wants you to experience His love on earth. He doesn't want you to live without knowing Him. He forgives those that recognisethat they are not perfect and are not always doing the right thing. God wants to be part of your life!!! He wants to care for you!!! Would you give Him a chance?

He sacrificed His son, Jesus Christ, to redeem you from your sins after death!!! If you believe in your heart and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord with your mouth, you will be go to Heaven!!!

Jesus Christ was beaten, insulted, broken, slapped in the face. His body was pierced for your transgressions!!!He was punished for all the bad things you think or do everyday. He took your place on the cross. He died for you. In order for God to forgive you all the sins you will do on this earth. Now, Jesus is seated at the right hand-side of God in Heaven. He is knocking at the door of your heart today!!! Invite Jesus Christ in your heart right now and experience His forgiveness and everlasting love!!! He is a great God that provided in advance a way out for your sins!!!

Jesus came to set the captive free, to heal the sick and the brokenhearten, to help theoppressed and the poor.

My friends, if you don't believe the existence of God!!! Call out to Him. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you and He will undoubtedly do it!!! He is the God of our universe!!!


Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com


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