God is my only hope!!!
by sana edoja

Hello, friends!!! I've been suffering from stomach acidity since 2012!!! I've seen already 2 specialists about this problem. I had two fibroscopy done already. The doctors told me that the valve of my stomach wasn't closing anymore. That's why I was having all those acid reflux after eating or drinking.

Doctors gave me some medicine but my medical condition hasn't improved since 2012. It has gotten worse!!! Health is so important in life!!! Without it, we cannot take care our family or go to work!!!

I've prayed and cried about my medical condition unto God. I even asked God the reason for my sickness. He hasn't replied to me!!! I confessed all my sins!!!I eat healthily!!!I've screamed: "Jesus" whenever I'm in pain and throwing up. I refrain myself from eating or drinking until the symptoms disappear.

For years, I've beenconfessing healing scriptures during my prayers times. Now, I'm just asking God to heal me according to His word. He says that I'm already healed by the stripes of Jesus Christ. He removed all my sicknesses. His word is a medicine for my body.

I can understand if you are in pain. I suffered from migraine for more than 30 years until I received emotional healing from God. I recognised past hurts as I let the tears stored up in my heartcome out in the presence of my Heavenly Father. I forgave my enemies!!!

Pastors prayed for myhealing. Today, I'm still waiting for my healing to manifest physically!!! I won't give up asking God for my healing!!!! He is faithful, He won't let me down!!! This will be an occasion to glorify Him by giving Hope to millions of people!!! God heals incurable sicknesses including stomach acidity!!! What man cannot do, God can do it!!!! He is my creator and He can repair my body because He loves me!!! He sacrificed His only son Jesus for my well-being!!!


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